Welch Chromatography

What makes our chromatography solutions the best?


We are tenacious about UHP silica and bonded phases, so impurities won't impact your separations.


Our business has been built on a novel and honed chemistry. High Performance Chemistry.


Chromatography and sample prep are nowhere without reproducibility. We build consistency into everything that we do.

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Desalt Sample? G25 Purification Column Helps

Tandex G25 Tandex G25 is a kind of bead medium formed by 3 chlorine-1,2 propylene oxide cross-linked dextran, which is suitable for desalination and buffer replacement of biological macromolecules …

Oxiracetam on Ultisil AQ-C18, XB-C18

Sample Solution ColumnUltisil XB-C18, 5μm, 4.6×250mm (P/N 00201-31043)Mobile Phase0.05mol/L KH2PO4(adjust pH to 3.0 with phosphoric acid)Detection214nmTemperature28℃Flow Rate0.6ml/minInje…

Oxiconazole on Ultisil LP-C18

Reference ColumnUltisil® LP-C18, 5μm, 4.6×250mm    PN: 00208-31043Mobile Phase10% tetramethylammonium hydroxide: water: acetonitrile =20:380:850, adjust pH to 4.7 with phosp…

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