Welch Chromatography

What makes our chromatography solutions the best?


We are tenacious about UHP silica and bonded phases, so impurities won't impact your separations.


Our business has been built on a novel and honed chemistry. High Performance Chemistry.


Chromatography and sample prep are nowhere without reproducibility. We build consistency into everything that we do.

Recent News

Water Soluable Vitamin on Xtimate C18

Sample ColumnWelch XtimateTM C18,4.6×250mm,5μmMobile PhaseGradient methodWavelength360 nmTemperature40℃Flow Rate1 ml/minInjection Volume20 μl View PDF

Water Soluable Vitamin on Ultisil AQ-C18

Sample ColumnUltisil®AQ-C18, 4.6×250mm, 5μmMobile PhaseMobile Phase A: weigh 0.87g dipotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate 0.41g, dissolve with water and add 125 ml acetonitrile, dilu…

Vitamin D in Dairy Products on Topsil Silica

Blank ColumnWelch Topsil® silica(4.6×250mm,5μm) Mobile Phase Cyclohexane: n-hexane: isopropanol =4:4:92 Wavelength 264 nm Temperature35℃ Flow Rate…

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