Ultrathin magnetic stirrer

Novel “ultrathin magnetic stirrer, what is ultrathin? You may wish to have a look at our products in kind.

Here is also for you to explain the product features:

● The size of the instrument is only 11018014.5mm, which is only larger than the size of a mobile phone. Compared with the common magnetic stirrer, the instrument has a very obvious volume advantage, which greatly saves the space of the laboratory table

● Use Type-C port power supply, can also use the power bank and other portable devices to charge, use more freely

● The use of touch mode control, control is convenient and interesting

● Can switch the clockwise/counterclockwise rotation mode, up to 1500 RPM

As can be seen from the above, our product is in line with the position of novelty. Are you interested in it?

Magnetic heating stirrer

Magnetic heating stirrer, also known as the traditional magnetic stirrer, after all, some difficult and large quantities of solutions also need veteran players to deal with.

Here’s an introduction:

Using PID algorithm temperature control, high precision

● Knob and key adjustment with electronic display panel, easy to use, high-end atmosphere

● Adopt semiconductor control technology, with the function of broken lotus root protection

● DC brushless motor, stable performance, low noise, long life

● Ceramic heating plate and stainless steel accessories, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, corrosion resistance

Water bath nitrogen blower

Water bath nitrogen blower, let’s have a look.

Water bath nitrogen blower · Local close-up

May already have attentive audience found its differences, on the shelf of the fixed sample tube, it has a rare knobs and movable metal accessories, with the help of these two parts, it can be different sizes of centrifugal pipe or tube in the middle of the nitrogen blowing needle, this is rare on the market at present the product design, also solve a lot of problem of the blowing nitrogen gas blowing position close to the wall, This nitrogen blowing instrument is also definitely qualified as “high-end”.

Product Features:

● Real-time temperature and time display panel

● Adjustable design, compatible with various sizes of pipe, its central alignment with the nitrogen blowing needle

● Free lifting, independent adjustable needle valve tube, control the flow of each needle

● Circular turntable structure, can rotate 360° freely, easy to take samples

● The sample position is marked with number number, auxiliary marking and recording sample

● All imported stainless steel parts, corrosion resistance

● Built-in liquid level sensor, prevent dry burn protection

These three products are common laboratory instruments, I believe that everyone’s laboratory can use them, if you are interested in, may wish to see the following product ordering information.

Product order Information

B100012Water bath nitrogen blower12 – position water bath nitrogen blower,
adjustable sample tube fixed position
B201500Ultrathin magnetic stirrerSpeed range: 20~1500rpm adjustable
110 mm * 180 mm * 14.5 mm
B201200Magnetic heating stirrerRotational speed range: 200~1200rpm adjustable
Temperature control range: room temperature +5 ° C to 340 ° C
Contains a temperature sensor
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