● 20% higher derivative effect than the previous generation

● Extended 450% lifetime compared to previous generation

● Additional leakage warning

● With light status warning and working status indicator

● Additional light change warning and other practical functions

● The working state can be monitored in the distance through the screen

Improved performance

The optimized derivative pipeline can significantly improve the derivative effect of the sample. It was found that the peak area of the derived G1 and B1 under the same chromatographic conditions was 8 times and more than 6 times that of not derived.

Tab 1. Chromatogram of aflatoxin which is not derived

Tab 2. Chromatogram of derived aflatoxin of mixed standards

Product parameters

Display screen : 2.19 inch color screen

Max. pressure : 3000 psi (207 bar)

Max. flow rate : 3 ml/min

Inner diameter of derivative pipe: 0.25mm

Derivative pipe material: high-purity PFA( perfluoroalkoxy resin) material, with good solvent tolerance, low cross-contamination

Leakage alarm: leakage warning (breathing lamp, buzzer prompt)

Ultraviolet lamp: double lamp tubes with better derivative effect

UV lamp lifetime: about 9000 hours, near life prompt (breathing lamp, buzzer prompt)

UV lamp accumulative use time timing: UV lamp using real-time timing, color screen display

Anti-interference: anti-electric interference

Constant temperature mode: air cooling

Lamp holder: with switch

Electricity: 220V/50Hz

Power W:22

Dimensions (W*D*H) mm : 88*404*80

Weight kg: about 3.0 kg

Ambient temperature ℃ : 0~45

Humidity %: <85

If you have any problem or require further information, please contact info@welchmat.com.

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