As a new generation of silver ion disinfectant product, WelProtector was successfully developped by combining with the conventional disinfectants and adding polymer reagents which help the virus fully interact with the surface disinfectant. It can kill more than 99.99% of coronaviruses after spraying.

SARS, MERS and 2019-nCoV had posed a great threat to our lives and health over the last decade. As is known to us all, disinfectant is convenient and effective during the spread of epidemic disease, but the common disinfection products on the market has a variety of drawbacks, such as short effective time and limited effective range. For this reason, Dr. Wang, dedicated in the biomedical industry for more than 20 years, is determined to develop a long-acrting and effective disinfectant based on his patent of long-acting anti-infection technology to protect our health. Besides, he teamed up with Thomas Miller, R&D director of Endogen in the world’s first cytokine development company, and Dr. Peng, associate director of Yale Intellectual Property Center, to improve the original patent according to the phospholipid coating structure of coronavirus and biological characteristics of surface proteins.

Diane Boesenberg, head of the biological laboratory of Reckitt Benckiser Group which used to be the world’s traditional disinfecting brand and president of the Disinfecting Products Branch of the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA), is responsible for the whole process to ensure safety and reliability of this product.


After spraying WelProtector on the surface of objects or hands, it can form a silver complex sustained coating which can fully interact with bacteria, viruses, etc. , and break the protein shells on the surface, so as to completely kill bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the long-acting anti-infection patent, the coating can keep effective for a long time.

Detection of virus-killing effect of WelProtector

ANAB certificate of MicroChem and conclusion

MicroChem laboratory research data showed that WelProtector can kill more than 99.99% of coronaviruses in the experimental environment.

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