Sample filtration is a significant process that can not only improve the accuracy of experimental results, but also protect our experimental equipment from the damage of impurities.

Choosing the right material of a membrane is critical for the results of a experiment, but sometimes we may encounter another problem. When too many impurity particles are observed in the sample, using a conventional filter may block during the process. In this case, Welch will introduce several solutions for you as follows.

First of all, according to the physical principle, the reason of blocking is that filter membrane area is too small to absorb all the impurities. Therefore, we can choose a physical solution, that is, changing a syringe filter with longer diameter-25mm or even 33mm. When impurities block and there is no special filters, it can be a measure of expediency. In fact, we should choose filters’ diameter according to the sample volume. Besides, another solution can be– a special syringe filter.

Welded syringe filter, also known as double-membrane filter, is different in appearance from the economy syringe filter. (as figure)

Welded syringe filter & Economy syringe filter

Welded syringe filter has both a layer of PP/GF and a layer of membrane of specified material. Generally, product label notes the second layer of material. As PP/GF materials have strong ability of reserving impurities, they are usually used for pre-filtration of difficult-to-filter solutions.  The first layer of double-membrane can absorb most of the particle impurities in the sample, while the second layer of membrane plays a normal filtration effect. Using this kind of filter, you can effectively solve the problem of filter blockage.

Ordering Information

P/NNameMaterialDiameterPore sizeSpecification
00802-01201-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane MCE13mm0.22µm100pk
00802-01202-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane MCE13mm0.45µm100pk
00802-01203-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane MCE25mm0.22µm100pk
00802-01204-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane MCE25mm0.45µm100pk
00802-02204-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane NY25mm0.45µm100pk
00802-02201-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane NY13mm0.22µm100pk
00802-02202-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane NY13mm0.45µm100pk
00802-02203-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane NY25mm0.22µm100pk
00802-04203-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane PES25mm0.22µm100pk
00802-05202-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane PES13mm0.22µm100pk
00802-06204-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane HILIC PVDF25mm0.45µm100pk
00802-06202-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane HILIC PVDF13mm0.45µm100pk
00802-06203-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane HILIC PVDF25mm0.22µm100pk
00802-05203-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane HILIC PTFE25mm0.22µm100pk
00802-04204-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane PES25mm0.45µm100pk
00802-14201-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane HILIC PTFE13mm0.22µm100pk
00802-14203-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane HILIC PTFE25mm0.22µm100pk
00802-14202-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane HILIC PTFE13mm0.45µm100pk
00802-04201-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane PES13mm0.22µm100pk
00802-04205-PSyringe filterDouble-membrane PES25mm0.8µm100pk

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