September 9, 2020 – New Haven CT USA

Welch Materials, Inc. celebrated the one year anniversary of their official opening of the US HQ in West Haven, CT, USA. The West Haven HQ was officially opened on September 9, 2019.

The West Haven facility serves as headquarters for the Company’s North America customers, including end users, distributors, and OEMs.

Welch Materials is a multinational company that develops and manufactures chromatography consumables including analytical and preparative HPLC columns, SPE columns, GC columns, bulk packing materials, and protein purification products

Welch Materials was established in 2003 at Shanghai, China. Welch’s strength lies in deep experience in particle surface modification science, with expertise in bonding chemistry and innovative packing materials for chromatography applications.

Products include five series of HPLC columns including Ultisil®, Welchrom®, Xtimate®, Topsil®, and Boltimate™ and market and support these products on worldwide basis.

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