2003-2023: Welch Materials’ Two Decades of Growth and Innovation!

From the Birth of the First Welch Chromatography Column to Producing Nearly 50,000 Varieties Annually, Including 8,000 Types;

From Naming Chromatography Columns to Enlisting Six Welch Brands in the United States Pharmacopeia with Extensive Citations in Journals Both at Home and Abroad…

From Sending the First Sample Column to a Customer, to Now Serving 24,000 Clients with Welch Products and Services;

Every Step of Welch’s Growth is Anchored in the Support and Trust of Our Customers. Welch Materials Cherishes Each Customer’s Smile, Affirmation, Suggestions, and Feedback

In Gratitude to These Loyal Customers, Welch Materials’ has Crafted the ‘Top Partnership’ Trophy, Personally Presented by Welch’s Esteemed Sales Veterans

Welch Materials Chromatography Columns, renowned for their ‘Exceptional Performance, Reasonable Pricing, and Premier Service,’ have pioneered the market in the most esteemed and demanding sector of chromatography users – the Biopharmaceutical Industry. From chromatography column selection in pharmaceutical R&D to large-scale quality inspections in drug production, Welch has dedicated two decades to excelling in the biopharmaceutical field, becoming a well-recognized chromatography column brand among China’s pharmaceutical R&D and production community. It’s the exceptionally experienced chromatography experts in the pharmaceutical industry who have generously provided us with valuable feedback. Your guidance has continuously spurred us to enhance our products, serving as the driving force behind our ongoing progress. Welch Material proudly presents trophies to 52 esteemed partners in the pharmaceutical industry, who have maintained a steadfast 15-year collaboration.

We aspire to cultivate an even longer and more stable partnership with you, marching forward into Welch’s next two decades. We look forward to your unwavering support and valuable feedback, as we persist in our commitment to the principles of ‘exceptional performance, reasonable pricing, and premier service.’ We will continue to push the boundaries, strive for innovation, and diligently create value, contributing our efforts to establish a globally renowned chromatography product brand!

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