The 19th CPhI China was held on 18th June, 2019 and it lasted three days.

It’s the ninth time for Welch to attend CPhI China. Welch has obtained great progress in the past nine years and Welch showed all series of products through a huge booth this time.

Welch is one of the biggest HPLC column manufacturers from China. Welch five Star series HPLC columns: Ultisil, Xtimate, Topsil, Welchrom and Boltimate.  

Except LC and GC columns, Welch also launched and showed totally new products: Protein purification column and protein purification packing material.

Wisys 5000 HPLC instrument is totally researched and developed by Welch, which is the main character of this exhibition. And it’s very popular with visitors during CPhI because of its good appearance and high cost performance.

CPhI China 2019 has come to the end on 20th June, 2019. What the surprise will Welch prepare for you in 2020? Look forward to seeing you again in CPhI 2020!

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