Welch Materials Inc is the first ever company who introduce this Ghost-Buster column in the industry. Which gain huge popularity with the innovative success respectively first and second generation product.

GB column developing history

In HPLC analysis, especially in gradient elution, some unexpected peaks, which are usually called Ghost Peaks (show in Fig.1), may appear in chromatogram.

To solve this problem, Welch innovative and introduced the Ghost-Buster column in 2016. Unlike in-line filter or guard column which are installed after injector, Ghost-Buster column is creatively installed between gradient mixer and injector, which helps remove the impurities in mobile phase but no effect on samples.

Ghost-buster II Column

Apparently when the initial proportion of aqueous phase is high (generally more than 95%), using GB columns can remove impurities effectively. But some ghost peaks may still occur when the proportion of mobile phase has a drastic change in a few minutes or the baseline has large fluctuation.

By solving customer’s pain points, Welch Ghost-Buster column now has achieved a great success on the market and Welch will provide more and more high-quality products and service to our customer.

Ordering information

If you have any problem or require further information, please contact info@welchmat.com.

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