Column selectivity database

The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) is a recognized statutory public standard setting agency in the United States of America. USP develops quality standards for prescription and OTC medicines, food supplements, and other health care products and works with healthcare organizations to help them to meet standards. For 198 years of existence, these standards have been recognized & used in more than 130 countries around the world to ensure quality of pharmaceutical services and public health.

The USP-PQRI column selectivity database was created to select equivalent columns to replace the original column. Since 1998, the database has yielded nearly 3,000 data from 150 different compounds and 100 different alkyl silica gel columns. These data are ultimately shown in five column performance parameters (column hydrophobicity “H”, steric selectivity “S”, column hydrogen-bond acidity “A”, column hydrogen-bond basicity “B”, column cation exchange “C”), which fully explain the column selectivity.

11 of Ultisil, Ultimate, Xtimate and Topsil series of columns are included in the USP-PQRI column selectivity database in 2012. 8 more columns in Ultimate and Ultisil are added in 2018. 

Topsil series columns included in the USP database

Xtimate series columns included in the USP database

Ultisil and Ultimate columns included in the USP database

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