Since its establishment in 2003, Welch Materials, Inc. has been committed to continuous innovation and serving our customers. Over the past 20 years, we have introduced groundbreaking liquid chromatography products. WelPrep2000 Liquid Chromatography System is our second-generation preparative liquid chromatography system. It covers a wide range of applications, from analytical (10mL/min) to high-throughput preparative (3L/min), catering to the needs of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and other industries. Just like our previous high-quality products, this system guarantees superior quality and performance, giving you confidence in your preparative results. Choose Welch Materials, Inc. for your liquid chromatography needs.

The development of the WelPrep2000 product took into consideration various factors such as ease of operation, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Through rigorous testing and validation, this product has demonstrated outstanding performance and can be utilized in multiple industries. In the pharmaceutical field, it enables the preparation of high-purity drugs, significantly enhancing yield and safety. In the food and cosmetics industries, it facilitates the production of safer and purer products, promoting public health and environmentally friendly practices. Moreover, the WelPrep2000 boasts low usage costs and simplified maintenance, resulting in substantial reductions in operational expenses and increased economic benefits and market competitiveness. In the future, it will serve as the ideal choice across various industries, continuously driving advancements in the respective fields.

Product Features: WelPrep2000


The WelPrep2000 series is highly adaptable to both routine analysis and preparative requirements.

With its classic stackable design, it maximizes space efficiency for your laboratory.

Built on a powerful data management system, it offers a diverse range of module options to flexibly address your various application needs.


Low Dispersion – The optimized flow path of the WelPrep2000 system effectively reduces system dispersion, ensuring excellent peak shape.

High Throughput – The flow rate specifications of the WelPrep2000 system pumps range from 10mL/min to 3000mL/min, making it compatible with a wide range of preparative column sizes. Coupled with an autosampler, it enables high-throughput sample injection, helping you shorten the time required to obtain results while improving the accuracy of your experimental outcomes.


Better Experimental Data with Lower Residuals – When combined with an autosampler, the WelPrep2000 system can achieve residuals below 0.01%, resulting in improved experimental data.

Unique Detection Performance – The optimized optical path, combined with the next-generation deuterium lamp, enables ultra-low detection limits and an extremely wide dynamic range.


As the culmination of 20 years of liquid chromatography technology expertise, the WelPrep2000 embodies the balance between outstanding performance and user-friendly operation. We specialize in providing customized chromatography solutions to meet the complex needs of scientific research and production processes. Our goal is to assist you in method optimization, method development, and confidently tackle various challenges. With Welch, you can rely on high-quality HPLC products and expert support to maintain a competitive edge and enhance productivity, effortlessly overcoming any obstacles that come your way.

Introduction to High-Pressure Constant-Flow Infusion Pump:

  • Adopts electronic damping control technology, which reduces pulsation and baseline noise, thereby improving the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Utilizes a microprocessor controller with a single-drive dual-plunger series (≤50 mL/min) or parallel (>50 mL/min) pump head design, featuring solvent compression compensation to enhance flow accuracy and precision.
  • Real-time pressure monitoring with customizable low and high pressure alarm limits ensures optimal instrument performance.
  • Pump flow rate options include 10 mL/min, 50 mL/min, 100 mL/min, 200 mL/min, 500 mL/min, 1000 mL/min, and 3000 mL/min, catering to the analytical, semi-preparative, and preparative usage requirements.
Illustration of High-Pressure Constant Current Infusion Pump

High pressure constant current pump technical parameters:

Introduction to UV-Visible Light Detector

▸ High-precision optical path design for a wider linear range.

▸ Simple and convenient replacement of the deuterium lamp, no calibration required.

▸ Universal sample cell design, easy interchangeability between micro and standard cells, with options for different optical path lengths such as 0.5, 1.25, 2.0, 3.0, and 10.0 mm.

Introduction to Fraction Collector
▸ Optional manual or automatic collection modes, easy to operate, flexible configuration, and environmentally friendly with economic compatibility.

▸ Equipped with high-precision PEEK three-way solenoid valves, with independent waste liquid channels, ensuring drip-free switching.

▸ Software-enabled delay volume setting for more precise collection, effectively reducing sample loss and minimizing residue of complex mixtures and valuable samples. It is an ideal choice for plant chemistry, pharmaceutical, and synthesis fields.

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