Ultisil XB Series HPLC Columns are based on ultra-pure ( purity > 99.999% ) spherical and totally porous silica, unique bonding chemistry and proprietary surface modification techniques, producing excellent peak shape, column efficiency and exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility. Ultisil column is the best choice for method development, owing to complete bonding chemistries and stable performance.


  • Ultra-pure spherical porous silica, purity > 99.999%
  • Wide pH range: 1.5-10
  • High efficiency: theoretical plate > 80000/m
  • Excellent peak symmetry: tailing factor=0.95~1.05
  • Exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility

Column Parameters

ColumnsUSPpH rangeCarbon Loading(%)Surface Area(m2/g)EndcappedMax. Temp.(°C)
Ultisil XB-C18L11.5-10.0 17(120Å), 8(300Å) 320(120Å), 90(300Å) Yes60(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)
Ultisil XB-C8L7 1.5-10.0 12%(120Å), 4%(300Å)320(120Å), 90(300Å) Yes 60(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)
Ultisil XB-PhenylL11 1.5-10.0 12%(120Å), 4%(300Å) 320(120Å), 90(300Å) Yes 60(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)
Ultisil XB-C4L26 1.5-10.0 8%(120Å), 3%(300Å) 320(120Å), 90(300Å) Yes 60(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)
Ultisil XB-C1L13 1.5-10.0 4%(120Å)320(120Å) Yes 60(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)
Ultisil XB-CNL10 1.5-9.0 7%(120Å) 320(120Å) Yes 60(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)

FeaturesTrace Amount Metal Contents Test

A useful chromatographic test of trace amount of metal contents in the column is to compare the peak symmetry of one pair of positional isomers, 4,4’-dipyridyl and 2,2’-dipyridyl, and a neutral chelating reagent, 1,2-dihydroxylnaphthalene. 4,4’-dipyridyl, which cannot form chelating complex with metal, is used as a reference. 2,2’-dipyridyl and 1,2-dihydroxylnaphthalene, which are chelating reagents, are sensitive to trace amount metal in silica. When a C18 column based on type A silica or other so-called type B silica with higher metal content is used, the peaks of 2,2’-dipyridyl and 1,2-dihydroxylnaphthalene would tail or even totally disappear.

Separation of Basic Compounds Antidepressant at pH 7.0

Comparison of Peak Shape between Batch to Batch

Capacity Factor(K’) of Batch to Batch Reproducibility

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