Ultisil XB Normal Phase columns are based on ultra-pure ( purity > 99.999% ) type B spherical and totally porous silica. Bare silica, Diol, and NH2 (Amine) are used for normal phase separations; with Diol and NH2 often able to deliver more stable results. Diol and NH2 have the added benefit of reduced sensitivity to the presence of water. Diol and NH2 can also be used in reversed-phase.

Ultisil SiO2

Ultisil SiO2 column uses ultra-high purity type B silica particles with no metal contents. SiO2 column can separate strong hydrophilic compounds in high concentration organic solvent in reversed phase. Good result can be obtained for the analysis of polar compounds which are prone to peak tailing in reversed phase.

Ultisil Diol

Ultisil Diol Column is based on ultra-pure porous spherical silica bonded with 1,2-dihydroxypropyl functional group silica. Ultisil Diol is used in normal phase mostly, suitable for separation of peptides, proteins, polar molecules, and organic acids and its polymers. Ultisil Diol column is more stable than traditional normal phase columns, such as NH2, SiO2. Ultisil Diol column can also be used in reversed phase analysis.

Ultisil XB-NH2

Ultisil XB-NH2 column is based on propyl-amino silane, mostly used in normal phase, but can also be used in reversed phase. When used in normal phase, the retention mode is weak anion-exchange, while in reversed-phase, it can be used for separation of polar compounds. It is suitable for applications in aggressive normal phase mode with aqueous eluent.

Column Parameters

ColumnsUSPpH rangeCarbon Loading(%)Surface Area(m2/g)EndcappedMax. Temp.(°C)
Ultisil SiO2L32.0-8.0 N/A 320(120Å), 90(300Å) No70(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)
Ultisil DiolL20 2.0-8.0 2.5%(120Å)320(120Å) No 70(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)
Ultisil XB-NH2L8 2.0-8.0 4%(120Å) 320(120Å) No 70(pH≤6.5), 40(pH>6.5)


Analysis of VD2

ColumnUltisil SiO2, 4.6×250mm, 5μm
Mobile Phase:Hexane / isopropanol=997/3
Flow rate2.0mL/min
Samples1) Facade VD2
2) Internal Standard
3) VD2


ColumnUltisil Diol, 4.6×250 mm, 5μm
Mobile Phase:N-hexane/ butyl chloride/ acetonitrile=7/2/1
Flow rate1.7 mL/min
Detector225 nm
Injection Volume5μL


ColumnUltisil XB-NH2, 4.6×250 mm, 5μm
Mobile Phase:Phosphate buffer*/acetonitrile=28/72
*Dissolve 600 mg of s KH2PO4 and 279mg of ADSP in 100mL water, add water to make 1000mL
Flow rate2.0mL/min
Injection Volume 1μL

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