Ulisil ODS-3 column is packed with high water-resistance octadecyl reversed-phase packing material. This packingmaterial is strictly endcapped with hydrophilic groups, which brings perfect peaks and low adsorption for both alkalineand acid compounds. The 100% water-resistance packing material avoids the collapse of stationary phase and applies to the separation and determination of most compounds.

Features of ODS-3 column

  • 100% water resistance
  • Easy preparative magnifying
  • High efficiency and resolution
  • Different selectivity from common C18
  • High sample loading



MatrixUltra-pure porous spherical silica
Particle Size3 μm, 5 μm
Surface Area380 /g
Pore Size100 Å
Pore Volume1.05 mL/g
Bonding PhaseOctadecyl
Carbon Capacity15%

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