Ultisil® OAA

Special HPLC Column for Detection of Organic Acids

What is the organic acid?

Organic acids refer to some acidic organic compounds of whom molecules are usually with acidic  functional groups of carboxyl (-COOH), sulfonic group(- SO ₃ H), sulfinic group (- SO ₂ H), such as malic acid, tartaric acid, oxalic acid, formic acid, etc. In recent years, organic acids are mainly found in the detection of food and pharmaceutical fields, and are closely related to people’s life and health.

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is the most widely used method to detect organic acids. Usually, acidic aqueous solution or buffer salt is used as mobile phase to inhibit the dissociation of organic acids so that various organic acids can be separated on the HPLC column. At present, the difficulty of organic acids analysis is that, even under acidic conditions, the polarity of organic acids molecules is still larger due to the presence of acidic groups, which makes it difficult to retain on reversed phase chromatography. In addition, the water-phase ratio of mobile phase is often high, so the conventional reversed phase C18 column is prone to phase collapse.

Ultisil® OAA


Ultisil ® OAA is a dedicated reverse-phase HPLC column developed by Welch Materials for the detection of water-soluble organic acids. It is designed for efficient and high-throughput organic acid analysis. Compared with the conventional reversed phase C18 column, OAA dedicated column has better performance and higher resolution with more uniform peaks through the unique bonding technology improvement.

• Excellent separation capability of hydrophilic organic acids;

• Each column is tested to ensure excellent hydrolysis stability for hydrophilic organic acids analysis;

• Compatible with mobile phase of 100% water, good retention for polar compounds;

• Ideal selectivity for a variety of organic acids, with high column efficiency and excellent peak shape;

• Excellent in separating hydroxyl fatty acids and aromatic organic acids , best choice for organic acids analysis in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage detection industry.

16 Kinds of Organic Acids

1. Oxalic acid5. Pyruvic acid9. Acetic acid13. Cis-aconitic acid
2. Tartaric acid6. Malic Acid10. maleic acid14. Acrylic acid
3. Quinic acid8. Lactic acid11. Citric acid15. Propionic acid
4. Methanoic acid7. Ascorbic acid12. Fumaric acid16. Citraconic acid

HPLC column:Welch Ultisil® OAA,4.6×300mm

Mobile phase:A:0.01mol/L KH2PO4 solution

                         B:methanol,   gradient elution


Flow Rate:0.5mL/min


Injection Volume:5μL

Ultisil® OAA is a silica based reversed phase HPLC column designed for high-efficient, high-throughput organic acids analysis. It has unparalleled properties in the separation of hydroxy fatty acids and aromatic organic acids. As a favored HPLC column for the determination of small hydrophilic organic acids, C1 to C7 fatty acids, and hydrophilic aromatic acids, it is dedicated to providing excellent analysis for the food and beverage products, pharmaceutical preparations, plating solution, manufacturing chemicals, chemical intermediates and environmental samples.

Order Information

Product namePart NumberSpecification
Ultisil® OAA00278-310444.6×300mm

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