In this issue, I will tell you about the two main secrets of Welch ELSD-5450: low temperature evaporation and automatic gain control.

low temperature evaporation

In the setting parameters of ELSD, the evaporation temperature is a very important parameter. It is necessary to quickly evaporate the mobile phase as completely as possible without decomposing the sample. Therefore, low-temperature evaporation technology can be suitable for the detection of more temperature-sensitive samples, which has great advantages. At the same time, low-temperature evaporation can also improve the sensitivity of sample detection.

Sensitivity comparison between low temperature evaporation and high temperature evaporation

How is low temperature evaporation done?

  1. Specially designed spray head

The smaller the size of the droplets sprayed by the spray head, the lower the temperature required to evaporate the droplets. The specially designed spray head structure of the Welch ELSD-5450 can make the sprayed droplets as small as possible.

2.Optimized drift tube design

The drift tube design of the Welch ELSD-5450 optimizes the efficiency of low temperature evaporation.

ELSD-5450 Drift Tube Design

Summary of the advantages of low temperature evaporation:

(1) Improve detection sensitivity.

(2) Thermally unstable compounds are not easily decomposed.

Automatic gain adjustment

Through SAGA (SEDEX Automatic Gain Adjustment) technology, an innovative software-driven gain control, the Welch ELSD-5450 can automatically adjust the gain setting, simplifying the use of ELSD and enhancing the dynamic range of the detector to avoid detector Any over-range situation occurs, making detection more convenient, avoiding excessive sample and labor consumption.

(1) When the signal value is low, the gain is automatically adjusted to the maximum value, providing the user with the highest sensitivity of the detector.

(2) When the signal value is high, the detector immediately monitors the signal and automatically switches between lower gain values to avoid signal saturation.

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