Baseline drift can be a real headache for researchers and analysts working with data. It refers to the gradual and undesirable changes in the baseline signal of a measurement, which can obscure or distort the true variations in the data over time. Common causes of baseline drift include changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, or instrument performance, as well as sample evaporation or degradation. Here we have listed some common problems of baseline drift for you. 
Common causes and solutions of baseline drift

1. TemperatureTemperature is one of the common factors that affect baseline drift, and the solution is simple. A constant temperature device can be used to maintain a constant column temperature.

2. Mobile phase If the last mobile phase is not replaced when starting a new project, it may cause baseline drift. In addition, if the mobile phase has not been replaced for a long time, the evaporation of the mobile phase will also cause baseline drift. Therefore, we need to replace the mobile phase regularly. 

3. Equilibration time Generally, the column needs time to equilibrate. If the column is not equilibrated and starts to drift, it can also cause baseline drift. It is necessary to extend the equilibration time and observe whether the curve is stable.
The problem of rapid baseline changes

1. Flow rate If the flow rate changes, it can also cause drift. To resolve this, simply reset the flow rate to stabilize it.

2. Air bubbles If there are air bubbles in the pump and the experiment is started without purging them, the purging operation should be repeated to remove the bubbles before starting the experiment.

3. Mobile phase Baseline abnormalities caused by the mobile phase are also a common problem. Some inappropriate mobile phases may undergo neutralization, precipitation, and other phenomena, which can change the composition of the mobile phase and affect the results. Therefore, we should use a suitable mobile phase for the experiment to ensure that the experiment proceeds normally.

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