Sweeteners and Preservatives in Food on Xtimate C18, Ultisil AQ-C18 and ALK-C18

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Xtimate® C18, 4.6×250mm, 5μm (P/N: 00101-21043)

ColumnXtimate® C18, 4.6×250mm, 5μm (P/N: 00101-21043) Ultisil® AQ-C18, 4.6×250mm, 5μm (P/N: 00207-31043) Ultisil® ALK-C18, 4.6×250mm, 5μm (P/N: 00253-31043)
Mobile Phase20 mmol/L Ammonium acetate/methanol=95/5
Detection230 nm
Flow Rate1.0 mL/min
Injection Volume10 µL
NotesColumn temperature has a great influence on separation, higher column temperature increases the resolution

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