Connectors are small components frequently employed in everyday experiments, often overlooked but of paramount significance. When connectors do not match seamlessly with chromatography columns, it can lead to issues ranging from minor leaks and instrument alarms to severe situations where the connector becomes jammed, resulting in the column’s disposal.

Welch’s newly introduced stainless steel connectors are here to alleviate these concerns for you!

  • Compatible with 1/16-inch tubing for use in both routine analytical and preparative liquid chromatography.
  • Features a 10-32 threaded connection suitable for various types of analytical columns, including small-bed impurity trapping columns.
  • Constructed from stainless steel, with a maximum pressure tolerance of 40MPa.
  • Ensures excellent sealing performance when used in conjunction with PEEK ferrules.

Product Information

P/NProduct NameSpecifications
00816-00033Stainless Steel Connector Kit1/16-inch stainless steel connector
Includes PEEK ferrules
Hand-tightening wrench included
00816-00034Stainless Steel Connector1/16-inch stainless steel connector
Includes PEEK ferrules
00816-00035Hand-Tightening WrenchDesigned for use with 1/16-inch
stainless steel connectors
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