The Sail1000 series liquid Chromatograph has a simple and versatile look. The body panel adopts blue and white colors, which means- Sailing in the wind and waves between the white clouds and the blue sea echoes our product name-’Sail’.The Square  Modular design ensures- toughness, high space utilization, and easy maintenance. The instrument can be operated through the workstation and adjusted through the panel, which is very convenient and flexible.


Sail 1000 series liquid chromatography system has pumps with variety of flow ranges, covering analysis, semi preparation and preparation levels to match perfectly with different types of applications in the laboratory.

Category10ml Pump50ml Pump100ml Pump200ml Pump
Flow rate Range0.001-9.999
Max Pressure42MPA30MPA20MPA10MPA
Flow accuracy土0.5%土1%土1%土1%
Flow repeatabilityRSD≤0.1%RSD≤0.3%RSD≤0.3%RSD≤0.5%
Pressure Pulsation≤0.1MPA≤0.2MPA≤0.2MPA≤0.2MPA
Pipeline connection1/16″OD 0.25mmID1/16″OD 0.5mmID1/16″OD 0.75mmID1/8″QD 2mmlD
Pump head material316L stainless steel, titanium alloy, Hastelloy and PEEK are available
Control ModeInstrument panel control or Computer software Background control
Power Supply100-240VAC
Category300ml Pump600ml Pump1000ml Pump3000ml Pump
Flow rate Range0.01-299.99
Max Pressure15MPA15MPA10MPA10MPA
Flow accuracy土1%土1%土1%土1.5%
Flow repeatabilityRSD≤0.5%RSD≤0.5%RSD≤0.5%RSD≤1%
Pressure Pulsation≤0.2MPA≤0.2MPA≤0.2MPA≤0.5MPA
Pipeline connection1/8″OD
Pump head material316L stainless steel, titanium alloy, Hastelloy and PEEK are available
Control ModeInstrument panel control or Computer software Background control
Power Supply100-240VAC

Accurate flow and high precision

Sail 1000 series pump module adopts microprocessor controller, single drive double plunger pump head design, solvent compression compensation and multi-point flow curve correction technology to realize high-precision fluid transportation in a wide dynamic range from low pressure to high pressure and from low flow rate to high flow rate; The floating plunger design can be equipped with automatic plunger cleaning device to increase the service life of plunger and sealing ring. Real-time pressure monitoring and Pmin and Pmax alarm pressure limits can be set to ensure good and safe use of the instrument.

Small pressure pulse

The cam curve compensation and flow pulse electronic monitoring technology are adopted to effectively control the fluid pressure pulse, reduce the baseline fluctuation caused by gradient mixing pulse and reduce the baseline noise value. Electronic damping control technology is adopted, with small pulsation, automatic compensation and manual compensation functions, to improve the flow accuracy.


All modules can be controlled through the workstation, or the flow rate, pressure, wavelength and other parameters can be controlled separately through the buttons of the instrument interface. The instrument adopts two types of connection : COM port and USB interface to improve the reliability of communication with PC.

Friendly machine interface with simple outlook which is easy to learn as well as easy to use, Simplified complete functional operation; integrates instrument control, data acquisition, data processing, image monitoring interface, real-time monitoring; in line with GMP/GLP and other specifications, in line with data validity and safety Requirements such as compatibility and system suitability testing; audit trail functions for methods, samples, sequences, chromatograms and data output are complete.

Highly sensitive detection

Dual-wavelength high-sensitivity detection, especially for drug-related substance detection, dual-wavelength detection function can be realized under the condition of shorter data collection interval, and the data collection frequency of each wavelength can be adjusted to obtain better and sharp peak graph. Universal sample cell design, easy to change between micro and constant cell, simple and fast replacement of deuterium lamp.

CategoryAnalysis ModeSemi preparative ModePreparative Mode
Cell Volume10pL6.6uL6.6uL
Max Pressure10MPA10MPA10MPA
Wavelength range190-800nm, deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp optional190-800nm, deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp optional190-800nm, deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp optional
Wavelength accuracy士1nm士1nm士1nm
Wavelength reproducibility0.2nm0.2nm0.2nm
Detection range0-3AU0-3AU0-3AU
Static noise0.5×10-5AU1×10-5AU1×10-5AU
Static drift2×10-4AU/h3×10-AU/h4×10-AU/h
Time Constant16 level
16 level
16 level
Control ModeInstrument panel control or Computer software Background control
Power Supply100-240VAC

Flexible configuration

Sail1000 series liquid chromatography system not only has a wide variety of pump modules, but also can be equipped with manual or automatic injector. There are also a variety of fraction collectors to choose from. Manual or automatic collection mode can be selected as required

Parameters of automatic fraction collector (small)

Capacity120 Bit glass test-tube (30ml)
42 Bit glass test-tube (30ml)
Flow Range 0-100ml/min
Power Supply220V

Preparation collector (large) parameters

Capacity42 Bit glass test-tube (30ml)
Flow Range144 Bit glass test-tube (30ml)
Power Supply0-100ml/min

Sail1000 can also be “Transformed” into GPC1600 Used for pretreatment experiment


Each module of  Welch Sail1000 series liquid chromatography system must undergo strict testing before leaving the factory. After the installation of the instrument, the service engineer will conduct system training for users to ensure that each instrument can be use easily and comfortably. As the first listed company among domestic chromatographic consumables manufacturers, Welch technology has many pre-sales and after-sales service engineers and rich application database to provide high-quality services for every user.

If you have any problem or require further information, please contact info@welchmat.com.

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