In the field of pharmacochemistry, the residues of toxic metals in active organisms and active pharmaceutical ingredients are the focus of many experts. In addition, other products also have very strict requirements on metal concentration. For example, reducing metal concentration in polymerized matrix materials can effectively improve the photoelectric properties of materials. So how can these harmful metals be removed? Don’t worry, this issue can be solved by our new metal scavenger — Welchrom® Thiol.

Welchrom® Thiol metal scavenger which takes silica as matrix bonded thiol group can react or bond with excessive reagents, metal complexes and their byproducts in order to remove metal ions from the sample.

Packing material structure of Welchrom® Thiol metal scavenger

Welchrom® Thiol


Reaction process: The excessive reagent and some byproducts containing metal ions in the sample will be absorbed to the Welchrom® Thiol packing material by reacting or chemically bonding. Then the target component can be separated from the metal by filtration to achieve the purification of the target product. Besides, Welchrom® Thiol can be packed in the SPE column so that sample mixture can be purified through the SPE column.

Features of Welchrom® Thiol

1. Product specification: bead size range 40-63 μm, pore size 50Å, ionic capacity 1.2mmol/g

2. Packing material has high quality and high purity

3. Fast reaction speed

4. Can be used in most solvents

5. Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility, excellent reactivity, physical and chemical properties

6. Good mechanical stability and thermal stability

Application of Welchrom® Thiol

Welchrom® Thiol can capture large amounts of metal in a variety of conditions. This product is frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry for the laboratory and suitable for capturing metal Pd (Ⅱ), Cu, Ag, Hg. In addition, the metals Pb, Rh, Ru and Sn present in the sample can also be captured. The following figure shows the Welchrom® Thiol metal cleanup table:

Test procedure: Calculate the required amount of metal scavenger (Welchrom® Thiol) according to content of residual metal .

Add Welchrom® Thiol metal scavenger to the reaction solution and stir at room temperature for one hour.

Filter out Welchrom® Thiol and wash the filter cake to improve the recovery rate of the target substance.

Method of Optimization

In the test, if the metal removal is not complete or you are not satisfied with the removal efficiency and require less reaction time, you can solve the problem in the following aspects:

1. Increase the reaction temperature

2. Adjust the amount of metal scavengers

3. Change the reaction time

These factors can be altered in one or more to improve metal removal efficiency. It is particularly important to note that the Welchrom® Thiol scavenger is stable when used in any solvent.

Ordering Information

00575-11040Welchrom® Thiol, bead size range 40-63 μm, pore size 50Å, 25g.

If you have any problem or require further information, please contact

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