Welch Preparative Columns use the same packing materials as our analytical columns. This ensures predictable scale-up and reproducibility. Packed by prep column specialists, our prep HPLC columns deliver excellent stability of column bed for long life and minimal voiding. The theoretical plate number for 10 μm column is greater than 35000/m; for 5 μm column, it is greater than 75000/m, and the peak symmetry is in the range of 0.95~1.20.

Let our Prep HPLC Experts help you choose and size the right column for your application.


Preparative HPLC Columns are available prepacked with any suitable Welch stationary phase: Ultisil, Xtimate, Topsil, or Welchrom. Particle sizes include: 3 μm, 5 μm, 10 μm, 20 μm, 20-40 μm and 40-70 μm.

  • Same stationary phase selectivity behaviors as Welch analytical columns.
  • Same tenacious attention to consistency for excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility.
  • High mass loading, support scale-up, time-saving and solvent saving.
  • Phases with high tolerance for 100% water to 100% organic solvents (Ultisil LP, Ultisil Polar-RP, Ultisil AQ, and Ultisil HILIC).
  • Phases stable in unusually extreme pH: 1.0-12.5 (Xtimate C18); 0.5-8.0 (Ultisil LP). Other phases with complementary pH ranges are also part of the Welch Prep HPLC Product Line.