Polar RP is a chromatographic column using ultra-pure silica gel as the matrix, with polar groups embedded in the carbon chain of the reversed-phase stationary phase. It is a hydrophilic C18 chromatographic column with the following characteristics:

  1. Due to the intercalation of polar groups, the alkyl stationary phase can be solvated and wetted by water without phase collapse when the proportion of organic phase in the mobile phase is extremely low (even when it is 100% aqueous).
  2. Because polar groups are embedded not far from the surface of silica gel, the shielding effect of silanol groups is very effective, and it is not easy to cause peak tailing. At the same time, the unique process enables this column to obtain better peak shape when analyzing acidic and basic substances.
  3. Due to the embedding of polar groups, the chromatographic column has different retention and selectivity from conventional chromatographic columns, especially for weakly polar retention substances.


At 2.985 minutes, there are two weakly retained components with strong polarity. On a conventional C18 column, the two components merge with the solvent inversion peak and cannot be separated.

Using the Ultisil® Polar RP column, the two components (3.241, 3.487) were completely separated from the solvent peaks, and the resolution between the two components also achieved baseline separation.

Polar RP chromatographic column brings different selectivity due to the insertion of polar groups, especially in increasing the retention of polar weakly retained substances. Therefore, in the process of sample preparation, if you encounter similar problems, you can give priority to using Polar RP chromatographic columns for experiments, and there may be unexpected surprises!

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