For chemical experiments, all results are phased, which involves the storage and sampling of a sample; And how to select the appropriate sample bottle from its own product attributes to better avoid experimental errors and save cost. Let’s See…

The sample vials includes Autosampler Vials, headspace vial, storage vial, TOC Vial, etc. This time, we mainly introduce the selection method of Autosampler Vials.

1. Sealing method of sample Vial

Screw Cap: it provides a sealing method with low evaporation, reusable and less damage than the tong mouth cover, and does not need additional tools. It has good sealing performance and saves experimental time. And it is the largest product on the market at present

Crimp: when it’s clamped correctly, it has good sealing performance and can be used for long-term storage to provide the best sealing. The crimp cover can not be reused and needs to be sealed with aluminum cover.

Snap: When using the snap cover, there is no need to use tools, and its tightness is not as good as crimp vial and threaded vial.

2. Color of Vials

Generally there are two colors for the vials. Clear color(Transparent) and Amber color .The vial color is decided based on whether the chemical composition needs to be protected from light.

Welch Materials, Inc. also uses high-quality raw materials to produce injection vials, whether amber vials or clear vials. Which have good product quality, and we can also provide PP injection Vials. If your samples react with Si(Silicon), it is also a very suitable choice for that.

3. Cap pad of sample Vial

The cap pad is divided into Vial cap and septa, which are often used together.

Cap: it is mainly divided into closed top cap and open top Cap. Storage Vials basically use closed top cap, while other injection Vials, headspace Vials and TOC Vials use open top cap.

Non-Slit Septa: the most commonly used type of septa, but it is more laborious to insert the needle when used, and sometimes it is easy to produce debris or the septa falls into the sample, which affects the sample injection.

Pre-Slit Septa: it is relatively simple to insert the injection needle into the septa and is not easy to produce debris, but it is easy to cause sample volatilization after long-term use.

Double membrane Septa: more stable in physical structure than ordinary septa (double membrane septa is two layers of PTFE with one layer of silica gel, while ordinary septa is one layer of PTFE with one layer of silica gel)

Bonded caps and septa: the septa is integrally connected with the cover, which can basically avoid the falling of the septa during use.

4. Insert

When the sample volume is very small, at that time we need to use the insert.

Conical Base Insert with Polyspring: The polyspring can also fix the insert in the center of the sample Vial to ensure the smooth insertion of the needle, and the bottom capacity of this insert is small, and its liquid level is also the highest.

Conical Base insert: Compared with the Conical base insert with polyspring, the liquid level is lower, but its cost is lower. It is a more economical choice.

Flat-base Insert: The bottom dead volume is large, so that the sample liquid level is the lowest in the insert, and the cost is also the lowest.

If someone finds it more troublesome to use an insert, they can also choose a sample Vial with an integrated insert. Then choose the same cap septa for the sample Vial.

5. Ordering information

Welch Materials Inc, can provide  various products introduced above. For details, please refer to the following product information…

Item NoSpecification
DA10162mL 9-425 Clear Glass, Flat Base Screw Thread Vial
DA10182mL 9-425 Clear Glass,Flat Base Screw Thread Vial with Label.
DA10112mL 9-425 Amber Glass, Flat Base Screw Thread Vial.
DA11112mL 9-425 Brown sample Vial with scale
DA14112mL 9-425 Amber Glass, Flat Base Screw Thread Vial with Label
DB11272mL 9-425 Clear Screw Thread Vial Bottom with Integrated glass
DB11282mL 9-425 Amber Screw Thread Vial Bottom with Integrated glass
DA11849-425 Screw Thread Micro-Vial Transparent
DC11439-425 Open Top Ribbed Screw Cap with Red PTFE/White
Silicone Septa
DC11489-425 Open Top Ribbed Screw Cap with 9mm Red PTFE/White
Silicone Septa with PRE-SLIT.
DC1151-P9-425 Blue Open Top Ribbed Screw Cap with Red PTFE/White
Silicone /Red PTFE Septa
DC1144Open Top Ribbed Screw Cap Bonded with Red PTFE/White
Silicone Septa
DC1359Open Top Ribbed Screw Cap Bonded with Red PTFE/White
Silicone Septa with PRE-SLIT
DD1171Insert Clear Glass Conical Base with Polyspring
DD1172Insert Clear Glass Conical Base.
DD1173Insert Clear Glass Flat Base

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