Following Welch UHPLC columns add two more members! Rapid analysis of polar compounds is no longer a dream, We Proudly Present Another Powerful Addition This Year. The Introduction of the New Bonded Phase Will Elevate Your Experimental Journey to New Heights. Now, Let’s Take a Closer Look, Guided by Our Editors.

Welch Materials, having successfully launched 12 varieties of UHPLC bonded phases (see endnote for details), is now introducing the XB-CN (Cyanopropyl) bonded phase, leveraging the maturation of the 1.8μm filler particle surface chemical modification technology.

This new bonded phase is designed to address the following challenges

How to achieve rapid and efficient separation of compounds that exhibit either no retention or excessively strong retention on C18 columns in both reverse phase and HILIC modes.

Ultisil® UHPLC XB-CN Chromatographic Column Introduction

Ultisil® UHPLC XB-CN Filter

By employing a specialized process, cyanopropyl silane is densely bonded to ultrapure silica, resulting in the Ultisil® UHPLC XB-CN filler. The cyanide functional groups on its surface engage in robust dipole-dipole interactions with polar compounds, while the propyl chains confer hydrophobicity, thereby granting it a distinct selectivity. This unique combination widens the scope of applications in ultra-high-pressure chromatography, offering an expanded range of possibilities.

Ultisil® UHPLC XB-CN chromatographic column is suitable for both reverse phase and HILIC modes:

In reverse phase mode, the CN column exhibits slightly lower hydrophobicity compared to C18 and C8 columns. This property reduces retention of weakly polar compounds, achieving rapid separation while offering different selectivity.

In HILIC mode, the CN column demonstrates a moderate retention capability and unique selectivity for polar compounds. It also provides excellent peak shapes for the separation of strongly basic compounds.

Product Features

  1. Stable High Surface Coverage Bonded Phase
  2. Lower Hydrophobicity with Unique Selectivity
  3. Applicable in Both Reverse Phase and HILIC Modes
  4. Rapid Separation of Hydrophobic, Unsaturated, and Polar Compounds
  5. Excellent Batch-to-Batch Reproducibility and Stability
  6. Faster Equilibration than Silica Columns, Insensitive to Water

Chromatographic Column Performance Parameters

Column: Ultisil® UHPLC XB-CN
Bonded Phase: Cyanopropyl
Particle Size: 1.8μm
pH Range: 1.5-9.0
Carbon Load: 8%
Pore Diameter: 120Å
Specific Surface Area: 320m²/g
Maximum Temperature Tolerance: 60°C
Maximum Pressure Tolerance: 15000 psi

Application Case

Analyte: Ibuprofen

Chromatographic Conditions:

Column: Ultisil® UHPLC XB-CN, 1.8μm, 2.1×100mm
Mobile Phase: 0.1% Formic Acid in Acetonitrile / 0.1% Formic Acid in Water = 50/50
Detection Wavelength: 254nm
Column Temperature: 30°C
Flow Rate: 0.2mL/min
Injection Volume: 1.0μL Sample Preparation: 0.2mg/mL Ibuprofen, prepared in the mobile phase.

Retention time [min]AreaHeightArea%USP TailingUSP Number of plates(EP)

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Specification
00205-11012Ultisil® UHPLC XB-CN,
1.8μm, 2.1×100mm

Welch Materials has introduced a diverse range of 12 UHPLC bonded phases under the Ultisil® and Xtimate® series, catering to various analytical needs:

Ultisil® Series:

  1. Ultisil® UHPLC XB-C18: The most versatile C18 column.
  2. Ultisil® UHPLC HILIC: HILIC silica column.
  3. Ultisil® UHPLC XB-C8: Slightly weaker retention compared to XB-C18, requires less analysis time for neutral and other strongly retained compounds.
  4. Ultisil® UHPLC XB-Phenyl: Phenyl column with complementary selectivity to C18, suitable for compounds with aromatic rings.
  5. Ultisil® UHPLC AQ-C18: C18 column resistant to 100% pure water mobile phase, suitable for polar compound separation.
  6. Ultisil® UHPLC LP-C18: Acid-resistant and water-resistant C18 column, polar than AQ-C18.
  7. Ultisil® UHPLC Polar-RP: More water-resistant than AQ-C18, suitable for polar compound separation, no tailing for basic substances.
  8. Ultisil® UHPLC PFP: Pentafluorophenyl column with fluorine + phenyl fixed phase, offering different selectivity than straight-chain alkane columns for aromatic, fluorine-containing, halogen-containing, and non-fluorine or halogen-containing compounds.
  9. Ultisil® UHPLC HILIC AmphionⅡ: Zwitterionic ion exchange column, suitable for polar, hydrophilic compounds, does not require the use of ion-pairing reagents.
  10. Ultisil® UHPLC Amide: Acrylamide column, suitable for hydrophilic compounds and small to medium-sized polar compounds.

Xtimate® Series:

  1. Xtimate® UHPLC C18: Organic-inorganic hybrid filler, alkali-resistant C18 column.
  2. Xtimate® UHPLC Phenyl-Hexyl: Organic-inorganic hybrid filler, alkali-resistant phenyl column with hexyl six-carbon high-density bonding, more water-resistant and stable than regular phenyl columns.

Welch UHPLC columns offer a diverse range of bonded phases to meet the demands of various analytical projects while achieving higher efficiency in detection.

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