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The overall polarity of amino acid molecules is larger for the reason that molecules contain both carboxyl group(-COOH) and amino group (NH2) . If analyzing with conventional reversed-phase conditions directly, the retention effect of amino acids will be poor. Besides, most of the amino acids and their substituent groups have weak ultraviolet absorption except for a small number of amino acid molecules which carry chromophoric groups. At present, analysis of amino acid usually adopts the method of deriving amino acids with phenyl isothiocyanate or other derived reagent, then detect with reversed-phase chromatography retention and ultraviolet detector. The principle of the method is simple, but the experimental results and detection sensitivity are greatly affected by the derivation process, and the separation effect is also easily affected by the sample and the derived reagent matrix. In addition to the inconvenience of derivative operation, the toxicity of derivative reagent also casts a shadow on the health of analytical workers.

Ultisil® Amino Acid Plus column is a kind of new product which through further optimizing the analysis method on the basis of the original dedicated column for amino acids analysis. It uses an ELSD to detect more kinds of Amino acids with higher stability without derivation.

Characteristics of Ultisil® Amino Acid Plus

•Separate 23 amino acids by reverse-phase chromatographic analysis without the need of derivation, which makes amino acid analysis more convenient and flexible.

•Amino acids which separated and derived from proteolytic products, cell culture medium, food and feed have more excellent degree of separation.

•The special column for amino acids analysis has superb reproducibility and stability, which guarantees the stability and reliability of quantitative and qualitative analysis results.

•Excellent selectivity and separation, allowing you to get more accurate analysis results.

•Multiple interference factors such as reagents, by-products and solvents can be removed by rapid extraction.

•Adhere to strict QC standards, each column would be tested with 23 amino acids before sold, ensuring the reliability of the results.

Analyze 23 amino acids

1) Taurine9)Glutamic acid17) Tyrosine
2)Glycine10) Cysteine18)Arginine
4)Aspartic acid 12)Cystine20)Leucine
6)Glutamine   14)Lysine22)Phenylalanine

Order information

Product name Part numberSpecification
Ultisil® Amino Acid Plus 00279-310444.6×300mm

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