Doprah® glass solvent filter is mainly used for liquid filtration in chemical analysis, instrument analysis, sanitary inspection, pharmaceutical industry, bioproducts and pesticides, petroleum, environmental monitoring, and other fields. It is used in various laboratory filtration experiments, such as pre-processing of trace analysis samples, solvent purification, microbe detection and filtration, suspension detection and filtration, and flow phase filtration in high-performance liquid chromatography.

In the filtration process, in addition to removing particles from the solvent, the glass solvent filter also has a significant effect on degassing the liquid. According to the experimental requirements, different types of filter membranes are used for solvent filtration, and an oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump is used to remove impurities, clarify the filtration, improve filtration efficiency and analysis accuracy, and enhance the degassing effect. The plug-in design ensures sealing and effectively avoids the problem of the filter head and bottle mouth being difficult to separate after vacuuming.

Product Principle

The glass solvent filter is used for removing particles from solvents and filtering flow phases. Liquid is further purified through filtration, wherein the small particle impurities in the liquid are trapped by the filter layer, thereby achieving further clarification and purification of the liquid and reducing the turbidity of the liquid.

Product composition

Product Features

● Wide range of applications, able to meet almost all laboratory filtration needs.

● Large effective filtration area, saving filter membrane usage costs and increasing filtration rates.

● Good pressure resistance, suitable for use under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

● The fixed clamp is made of anodized aluminum alloy material, which will not be corroded or damaged.

● The bottle is made of high borosilicate glass material, which is smooth, transparent, free of bubbles, and has uniform wall thickness.

● GL45 screw thread conversion adapters can be configured separately to connect to GL45 blue cap reagent bottles.

Item No.BrandNameSpecification
DO2171Doprah®Conversion AdapterGL45 screw thread conversion adapter (for use with glass solvent filters)
DO2172Doprah®Glass Solvent Filter500mL, glass solvent filter, 1 set/box
DO2173Doprah®Glass Solvent Filter1000mL, glass solvent filter, 1 set/box
DO2174Doprah®Glass Solvent Filter2000mL, glass solvent filter, 1 set/box
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