One day, analyst Jack started to do his daily experiment according to the order of preparing samples–loading samples–operating-running with empty–waiting for chromatogram.


Calm down, it’ s just the ghost peak. Jack comforted himself and took a Ghost-Buster Column to connect between injector and mixer, waiting for the new chromatogram.

However, the new chromatogram confused him: How do these ghost peaks come out again? Why does baseline fluctuate so heavily? 

Therefore, Jack became anxious…

Does the story seem to be similar with your own experience? 

In the gradient elution, after using conventional GB columns, some ghost peaks and big fluctuation of baseline may still occur when proportion of mobile phase has a drastic change in a few minutes, especially when initial proportion of aqueous phase is more than 95%.

Now, problems of ghost peak and baseline fluctuation can be efficiently resolved by Welch Ghost-Buster Column II.

Welch Materials launches Ghost-Buster Column II which can absorb the impurities in the mobile phase and eliminate ghost peaks through further upgrade and improvement. At the same time, baseline drift caused by excessive initial proportion of aqueous phase in gradient program is perfectly solved, which ensures stable baseline and the likelihood of baseline fluctuation occurrence is reduced.

With optimized packing materials technique and improved production method, Welch Ghost-Buster Column II could remove impurities in mobile phase with stronger capturing effect and better tolerance.

By further upgrading the overall design of the product, the mobile phase is fully mixed when mobile phase entering the column and is in an excellent mixing state after passing the column, which greatly reduces the likelihood of baseline fluctuation and drift in the process of gradient initial operation.

Ghost-Buster Column II of 4.0×50mm and 3.0×50mm can be more perfectly compatible with the high proportion of water phase, which can shorten the running time in the gradient program and make the baseline run more stable.

Two cases

Column:Ultisil AQ-C18 4.6×100mm,3μm

Ghost-Buster Column:

Ghost-Buster Column II, 3.0×50mm

Ghost-Buster Column II, 4.0×50mm

Mobile phase:

A:0.05% phosphoric acid solution


Gradient program:


Column:Ultisil AQ-C18 4.6×250mm,5μm

Ghost-Buster Column II, 3.0×50mm

Mobile phase:

A:phosphoric acid buffer


Gradient program:


From the above two cases, it can be seen that Ghost-Buster Column II has a significant effect of capturing impurities and improving the baseline drift.

Order information

ProductP/NSpecificationMax. pressure
Ghost-Buster Column II06100-310084.0×50mm40MPa
Ghost-Buster Column II06100-310163.0×50mm40MPa

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