In the process of separating and purifying compounds, preparative columns that have high efficiency, stability and low pressure play a crucial role in developing a reliable separation and purification technique.

Welch Materials, as a competitive manufacturer in this industry, released WelFlash SiO2 LS column to help your separation and purification work.

WelFlash SiO2 LS

Special personality

The new generation of WelFlash SiO2 LS column is your best choice for separation and purification because it has characteristics of high pressure resistance, excellent column efficiency and corrosion resistance. The properties and parameters of each batch of WelFlash SiO2 LS preparation columns are precisely controlled and rigorously tested to ensure high recovery rate and good batch to batch reproducibility.

WelFlash SiO2 LS medium and low pressure preparation column packed with high quality silicone with well-balanced price and performance.

● Use standard luer joints (no locking structure) , suitable for equipment only compatible with standard luer line connections;

● Optimized packing process, high resolution and good reproducibility;

● The polypropylene columns and joints are designed with new technology, with maximum pressure resistance of 200psi, without leakage;

● Complete specifications, with a variety of packing sizes;

● Provide multiple examples of technology applications and complete solutions;

Excellent resolution

Product property test (excellent peak shape and resolution)

WelFlash SiO2 LS 


Flow Rate: 150 ml/min

Solvent: A1 Hexane

Solvent: B1 Ethyl Acetate

Injection method: liquid sample

Wavelength 1 (red): 254nm

Wavelength 2 (purple): 280nm

Complete specifications

P/NSpecificationParticlePore Size
00101-05017WelFlash SiO₂ LS,Irregular,4g40-63μm60Å
00101-05027WelFlash SiO₂ LS,Irregular,12g40-63μm60Å
00101-05037WelFlash SiO₂ LS,Irregular,25g40-63μm60Å
00101-05047WelFlash SiO₂ LS,Irregular,40g40-63μm60Å
00101-05057WelFlash SiOLS,Irregular,80g40-63μm60Å
00101-05067WelFlash SiO₂ LS,Irregular,120g40-63μm60Å
00101-05077WelFlash SiO₂ LS,Irregular,220g40-63μm60Å
00101-05087WelFlash SiO₂ LS,Irregular,330g40-63μm60Å

800g and 1600g Flash columns are available for large-scale preparation

P/NSpecificationParticle SizePore Size
00101-05097WelFlash SiO₂Ⅱ, Irregular, 800g40-63μm60Å
00101-05107WelFlash SiO₂-Ⅱ, Irregular, 1600g40-63μm60Å

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