Autumn has chilled the painted screen in candlelight; A palace maid uses a fan to catch fireflies. The steps seem steeped in water when cold grows the night; She sits to watch two stars in love meet in the skies.

Have you felt cold on the autumn night? And Who is the she in your heart? For me, she’s Blossmate™ PSV C18.

BlossmateTM PSV C18

● Super high purity spherical silica matrix

● Bonded high-density alkyl functional groups

● Strong retention ability and selectivity

● Can be more perfectly compatible with the high proportion of aqueous phase

● Keep stable baselines and high sensitivity even at neutral pH condition

It shows full compatibility when used with technologies such as LC-MS and can be widely used in the analysis of various components such as oligosaccharides, amino acids, small peptides, nucleotides and organic acids.

Bonded phaseOctadecyl group
Particle size5 µm
Pore size120 Å
Surface area300 m2/g
Carbon loading12%
pH range2-8

It is a dedicated column designed for the detection of food additives

Other common C18 column analysis of food additives, either dehydroacetic acid and saccharin sodium are too close, or dehydroacetic acid tailing is undesired.

BlossmateTM PSV C18 has stronger retention ability and is comparable to other C18 reversed-phase columns. The improved tailing and excellent resolution are highly appreciated.

Column:BlossmateTM PSV C18, 4.6×250 mm, 5 μm
Mobile phase:20mM ammonium acetate solution: methanol=93:7(on-line blending)
Column temperature:30℃
Flow rate:1.0 mL/min
Wavelength:230 nm
Injection volume:5 μL
Injection volume:Concentration of five kinds of preservative and sweetener is 200 μg/mL

BlossmateTM PSV C18 still complies with the standard when the sample is injected with more than 1000 injections continuously. Further, its resolution still achieve standard without significant increase and the lifetime is long!

Experiment on the lifetime of BlossmateTM PSV C18 with spiked sample (sample matrix: biscuit)

It’s a column with stable reproducibility

BlossmateTM PSV C18 is a column which keeps the stable reproductibility of Blossmate series. And we believe verification experiments of three lots are enough to dispel your misgivings. 

Ordering information

Part NumberParticleSpecification
00605-210435 μm4.6×250 mm
00605-210415 μm4.6×250 mm

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