Do you still feel tired about complicated and time-consuming sample preparation? In pursuit of more efficient and faster sample pretreatment, Welch launched a new generation of product- SinCHERS pretreatment purification column. 

Compared with traditional SPE technology, SinCHERS column greatly improved detection efficiency. Compared with the QuEChERS, its purification process does not require centrifugation again and it only needs one step (30s) to complete the purification process. The development of electric supporting equipment enables the whole purification process to be semi-automated. The purification of 12 samples can be completed within 3 minutes, which greatly improves the detection efficiency and relatively reduces the detection cost of the laboratory.


Meet AOAC 2007.1 and EN 15662 standards

SinCHERS=Single-step +Cheap+Effective+Rugged+Safe


Perfect substitution of QuEChERS

Detection limit√  √8 times sample concentration can be achieved at most
Purification efficiency×√   √Complete the purification process in one step
Purification effect√    √√   √×Extract flows slowly through the purified packing materials, and the impurities are absorbed completely
Solvent required×√   √One sample consumed only 10mI of organic solvent

Appearance and structure of SinCHERS

Gas vent

Used to drain the volume of air occupied by the organic extract


Used to store purified extract

Guide plate

SinCHERS column body plays a guiding role in the descending process inside centrifugal tube

Block water neck

Water-blocking filter inside prevents water from contacting packing materials and entering the liquid collection tank

Sealing ring

Used for sealing between SinCHERS column body and centrifuge tube

The internal structure of SinCHERS column:

Porous filter

Porous polyethylene filter for fixing packing materials

Packing materials

Adsorb dissolved impurities in the organic extract and purify the extract

Water-blocking filter

Water-blocking groups are bonded to prevent water from passing through

Funnel for collecting liquid

Funnel-shaped bottom to ensure that all organic extracts enter the packing

Operation steps:

1. Extract

● Weigh the sample in the centrifuge tube

● Add acetonitrile.

● Ultrasound or homogenizer extraction, completely release the components to be tested in the sample.

● Add buffer salt or excessive salt to the centrifuge tube.

● Vibrate.

● Centrifuge.

The centrifugation time shall not be less than 3min.

2. Clean

●Insert SinCHERS column into the centrifuge tube.

● Press down slowly at the speed  at 2mm/s.

● The upper organic extract in the centrifuge tube will contact with the packing materials through the water-blocking filter. Impurities and interferents will be adsorbed by the packing and the components to be tested will enter into the reservoir.

● Continue to press down the SinCHERS column until it cannot be descended. The process is completed. Take out the tested liquid into the sample vial for testing.

● You can choose to use manual tools or power tools to complete the downpressing process of SinCHERS in a centrifugal tube (find details in product materials).

01140-10011Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-AZO, 30 pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-10021Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-F, 30 pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-10031Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-General, 1200 mg MgSO4, 400 mg PSA, 400 mg C18, 30pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-10041Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-PC, 30pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-10051Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-General, 1200mg MgSO4, 400mg PSA, 400mg C18, 200mg GCB-200A, 30pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-10061Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-Herb, 900mg MgSO4,400mg PSA, 400mg C18, 400mg POLY, 200mg GCB-100A, 30 pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-10071Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-Lipid, Special for removing the lipid, 30 pk(include centrifuge tube)
01140-10081Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-ANT I, 30 pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-10091Welchrom®SinCHERS columnWelchrom®SinCHERS-ANT II, 30 pk (include centrifuge tube)
01140-20001Auxiliary toolManual tool
01140-20002Auxiliary toolPower tool, four ports
00530-20000Salt bag4g magnesium sulfate, 1g sodium chloride, 50 pk
00529-20000Salt bag4g magnesium sulfate, 1g sodium citrate, 0.5g disodium citrate, 1g sodium chloride, 50 pk
00528-20000Salt bag6g magnesium sulfate, 1.5g sodium acetate, 50 pk
005PM-059-50Salt bag4.0g anhydrous sodium sulfate, 1.0g sodium chloride, 50 pk
005PM-104-50Salt bag8g sodium chloride, 50 pk

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