Over the rapid development of Welch Materials, Inc. for the past 20 years, our products have gained increasing recognition from customers, particularly our liquid chromatography columns, which have established a solid reputation among our extensive client base.

As Welch chromatography columns gained popularity in the market, counterfeit products under the Welch brand quietly emerged. Particularly in the Indian region, counterfeit goods have proliferated, with packaging and labels identical to genuine Welch products. This has significantly impacted the corporate image of Welch Materials Inc. and affected customers’ ability to access proper after-sales services.

Therefore, Welch Materials Inc. has embarked on designing a new packaging box for its chromatography columns. The design concept focuses on effective anti-counterfeiting measures, environmental-friendly materials, and user-friendly convenience.


The primary objective of this new packaging design is enhanced anti-counterfeiting measures!

  1. The “tear-off integrated airplane box” perfectly addresses this issue. Once the box is torn open, it cannot be reused, eliminating the possibility of counterfeit products from the box’s perspective.
  2. In addition to the new packaging box, we will also be implementing anti-counterfeiting labels officially.


  • In the previous generation of Welch’s packaging boxes, a significant amount of pearl cotton was used as the lining to enhance the shock resistance of the chromatography columns during transportation. Since chromatography columns are valuable experimental consumables, any impact can lead to the fracturing of the column bed, severely affecting its performance. However, pearl cotton is not environmentally friendly.

With the design objective of being “more environmentally friendly,” we went through over a dozen iterations of design versions and tested various materials. However, achieving the desired stability proved to be challenging. Ultimately, we selected a solution: by altering the paper structure of the box itself, we managed to reduce the use of pearl cotton by 70%! This ensures stability during product transportation while achieving greater environmental friendliness.

  • The design of the “integrated airplane box” utilizes a single folded sheet of paper, minimizing the use of adhesive.
  • The box is made of corrugated paper material, which is more easily biodegradable.
  • Instead of using the same box for both short and long columns as before, we have transitioned to using shorter boxes for short columns and longer boxes for long columns. This further reduces the wastage of paper materials.

More convenient

Revolutionary Tear-Open Design: Unveiling our New Packaging Box for Unmatched Convenience and Exciting Unboxing Experience!

Embracing a Sustainable Future: Introducing Welch’s New Packaging, Now Available!

Join us in Supporting the Environment!

Welch Materials’ New Packaging is Officially Launched!

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