What kind of strange chemical reaction will happen when the medium pressure glass column meets the bulk media? It is a high-efficiency purification tool, a low-cost purification method, and a new user experience. Let medium pressure chromatography speed up purification, save time for yourself, and make “passing the column” no longer difficult!

Advantages of medium pressure glass columns

● High column efficiency: the longer the column length, the higher the column efficiency, and high-purity samples can be obtained by using a medium-pressure chromatography column. Three column length specifications of 310mm, 460mm and 920mm correspond to samples that are easy to purify, moderately difficult to purify and difficult to purify respectively, which meet the needs of a variety of sample types.

● Faster speed: The higher the flow rate, the faster the purification speed. The imported SCHOTT glass is used, and the unique stress relief process makes the pressure resistance of the glass column up to 50bar. With the same sample conditions and column dimensions, higher flow rates can be used for faster purification.

● Low cost: the column tube can be reused to reduce costs.

● Easy to use: All preparative LC systems can be directly connected to Welch glass columns.

● High-pressure preparative chromatography—high-purity and difficult-to-separate products

● Medium-pressure preparative chromatography—high-purity and easy-to-separate products

● Low pressure preparative chromatography—fractionation and large-scale separation and purification…

Features of medium pressure glass column

● Flared column head: The unique column head design replaces the traditional frit design, the fluid distribution is more uniform, and the column efficiency and separation efficiency of the chromatographic column are improved.

● Dry loading: For special samples, dry loading and dry mixing can be used to effectively prevent the damage to the column bed caused by the high linear velocity of the mobile phase.

● Large sample volume: the pump can be used to extract the sample, which can eliminate the phenomenon that the high-concentration sample blocks the valve interface.

● Wide range of uses: filling various bulk media of 20-60μm, such as silica based C18, PS/DVB resin, agarose gel, etc.

● Fast speed: 2-10 times shorter than the open glass column purification time, purifying drug impurities or API within one hour.

● Humanization: Simple column design, easy to dismantle and wash, and reduce the cost of separation hardware.

● Visualization: You can intuitively understand the separation status of colored samples such as natural extracts and pigments.

Table 1: Characteristics of various preparative chromatography systems

TypeFiller particle sizePressureUseMedia TypeEquipment
Flash20-40μm, 40-70μm5-10barOrganic Synthesis, drug purification, preliminary purificationSpherical silicone, Amorphous Silicone, Inorganic adsorbentFlash Rapid Purification Chromatography Instrument
Medium pressure20-40μm, 40-70μm5-10barOrganic synthesis, separation and purification, purificationSpherical silica gel, chromatography resinPreparative Liquid Chromatography Instruments
High pressure5-10μm>20barRefined, high puritySpherical Silicone, Spherical ResinPreparative Liquid Chromatography Instruments

Make your purification efficiency improved immediately with Welch low pressure packing materials!

Welch low pressure packing materials adopt optimized silica gel and Welch’s unique bonding technology to ensure good reproducibility between batches.

The excellent silica gel matrix ensures the high mechanical strength of the chromatographic packing, which can be packed repeatedly and ensures stable column efficiency.

The particle size distribution is narrow, and the marked particle content is more than 90%, thus ensuring high column efficiency and stable retention time, and at the same time improving the separation and purification efficiency of samples.

A complete range of packing materials for your choice

Glass Column Product Information

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