In recent years, more and more countries has paid attention to food safety and environmental safety, and has issued various test standards and safety limit standards, involving many test categories and a wide range of sample types. In the third-party food and environmental testing industry, there are large sample volumes, various testing items, complex types of substrates, and high timeliness requirements. Many third-party testing institutions have heavy daily testing tasks, hoping to find a chromatographic column that can detect multiple items, and also has excellent separation performance, strong anti-pollution and long life.

Welch Materials’ new Welchrom® Vantage C18 column can easily meet the needs of users.

Welchrom® Vantage C18 column is a new column with moderate carbon loading and specific surface area. It has good separation performance and excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility, and is suitable for daily detection of multi-component complex matrices.

Product Features

● Adopt strict factory standards, with excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility;

● With low specific surface area, good anti-pollution ability;

●Strong universality, it can meet the analysis of most items of third-party testing institutions, especially some complex matrices, and still have good separation performance, such as common testing items in the food testing industry: colorants, sand in aquatic products Stars, antioxidants, toxins, etc.

Column parameters:


SN/T 4457-2016 Test 7 colorants in cola

HPLC Column: Welchrom® Vantage C18 column (4.6×250mm, 5μm).

Column temperature: 40℃

UV detector: 245nm

Flow rate: 1.0mL/min

Injection volume: 10 μL

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