The difference between the protein purification lab and general biotech or molecular biology lab is necessary consumables and instrument in protein purification.

The centrifuge is the general instrument in the lab. And the main instrument in protein purification lab is High-speed refrigerated centrifuge which can reach to 2000r/min speed, and the practicability of it is directly relating to the quantity of kinds of matched rotor, centrifuge tube and centrifuge barrel. Rotors match to all kinds of centrifuge tubes and barrels could be bought from anywhere. Besides, the big rotor is quite useful when user extracts big volume matter on the early protein purification.

If scientist want to remove or prepare Subcellular organelle, the high-speed centrifuge is very useful. People can buy the centrifuge with 80000r/min speed to deal big volume sample and even can buy centrifuge with higher speed from the market. Well using these instrument can obviously reduce the time in particle preparation and centrifuge separating upper liquid. In consideration of high cost and low using frequency, they always are shared to use between different labs.

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The appearance of micron analytical technology make mini centrifuge or micron centrifuge necessary. In the protein purification lab, centrifuge maybe is not used directly for separating but it’s necessary. Based on these, the big centrifuge is always used for different analytical experiments, rather just for separating.

In order to separate the protein, the device of breaking cells is necessary. Many of devices can do it, like the manual and motor driving homogenizer, the blender, the ultrasonic crusher, pressure components and etc. In the general situation, it’s a reasonable solution that personal labs can equip low cost instrument and share high cost instrument each other.

The column chromatography is a main way for protein purification in the most of labs. Each of protein purification labs should stock many different lengths and diameters of chromatographic columns in order to satisfy kinds of purification. Because these chromatographic columns all may be used with improvement of purification process. And also labs should equip with various accuracy of chromatographic columns. We find the simple gravity flowing open column with rubber which is fed and controlled by needle or tube can satisfy most of chromatographic purification process. And generally, the prepacked column and compressing fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) is the preferred equipment possibly.

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A reliable fraction collector is one of the most important lab equipment. The collector breakdown could destroy moths purification work. So in this situation, spending spare money to purchase a high quality and multiple functions fraction collector is a wise choice. The collector which can load quantity and various spec. test tubes with different collecting modes is most practical. There are different types of fraction collectors in the market, so the buyer had better to analyze which type can satisfy requirements before purchasing, then buy one or more low cost and simple instrument for daily using.

Perhaps many of column accessories are not 100% needed, but they are really practical, such as Peristaltic pump, all kinds of gradiometers, ultraviolet detectors and etc. If it’s needing, the gradiometer can be made by flask and bottle. In the chromatographic operation, the protein elution diagram can provide important information. This information can be got by using the spectrophotometer to test all parts of eluates’ absorbing data or by using ultraviolet detector. The detector with different sizes of flow pool’s dual wavelength mode has most functions, but it’s also most expensive.

Finally, each lab shall equip the most basic chromatography gel and resin, including anion and cation exchanging resin, different hole size gel filtration medium, hydrophobic chromatography gel or solid phase dyestuff resin.

Each protein purification lab must equip gel electrophoresis devices. These devices can be used for monitoring the protein purification process, or be used for separating itself. Generally speaking, the vertical plate gel meter with different sizes of shims and combs can do most applications. The power device is necessary for electrophoresis meter. If the lab only buys one power device, the adjustable constant current (0~50mA) and constant voltage (0~200V) mode is very useful. Except chemical medicines for preparation gel, the lab shall have multiple protein standards and dyes. Anyway, gel electrophoresis device can be used for isoelectric focusing.

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