Mobile phase safety liquid inlet cap — A protective tool for liquid phase experiment that can not be ignored. In the liquid phase laboratory, not only the waste liquid discharged from the experiment will pollute the laboratory air environment, but also the reagent in the mobile phase bottle will volatilize into the air and endanger the body. Here, let’s give you a detailed explanation of our mobile phase safe liquid inlet cap, how it ensures a good air environment in the laboratory, and how it is different from the ordinary blue cap reagent bottle cap.

Liquid phase laboratory is often accompanied by a large number of polluting gases. Generally speaking, these gases come from three sources: discharging the polluting gases caused by the volatilization of waste liquid; Polluting gases caused by other experiments; Polluted gas caused by volatilization at the liquid inlet.

For the polluted gas caused by other experiments, we can generally put the experimental part or the experimental part that will produce gas volatilization in the fume hood to avoid pollution. The polluted gas caused by volatilization of waste liquid can generally be treated by waste liquid collection device.

The gas pollution that our mobile phase inlet liquid cap can protect is also the third kind of pollution gas, which is caused by the volatilization of the reagent in the intake liquid, and it is also the pollution source that we are most likely to ignore. General liquid into the bottle inevitably to leave the pores so that the air circulation to ensure the internal and external pressure balance, at this time the bottle of liquid, it will “slip out” from the pores, ran into the air becomes a pollution gas. At the same time, the volatile reagent will also affect the purity of the reagent, and the air entering the bottle is not filtered, and the particulate dust contained in the air will also cause the contamination of the reagent.

Mobile phase safety liquid inlet cap

Here we will introduce Welch Materials mobile phase safety liquid inlet cap . Different from the ordinary cap, our safety liquid inlet cap is additionally equipped with a one-way valve with filtering function. The existence of the one-way valve makes the internal air unable to run out of the bottle, prevents the air in the laboratory from being polluted, and ensures that the external air is replenished in time to ensure the balance of internal and external air pressure.

The filtering function can prevent the small particles in the external air from entering the reagent bottle, which can not only prevent the particles from blocking the instrument and protect the safety of the instrument, but also prevent the reagent from being polluted and make the experimental results more accurate.

Our one-way valve and cover are also designed in a split structure, which can be replaced separately after the service life of the one-way valve is exhausted, which saves the cost of the laboratory. In the design of the outlet hole, we use the pressure ring and inverted vertebral tube to fix the liquid phase inlet pipe, and compress the pressure ring through the inverted vertebral tube, which can make the pressure ring closely fit between the outlet hole and the inlet pipe, so as to ensure the air tightness of the product.

In addition, we are also equipped with plugs. When you don’t need to use all the liquid outlet holes, you can choose to block them to prevent the volatilization of reagents.

Product information of safety liquid inlet cover

P/NProduct NameSpecifications
00839-80001Mobile phase safety inlet capA set of inner and outer cap,
A one-way inlet valve
(0.22μm), can be connected to a liquid inlet pipe
00839-80011 Mobile phase safety inlet capA set of inner and outer cap,
A one-way inlet valve
(0.22μm), can be connected to two liquid inlet pipe
00839-80021 Mobile phase safety inlet capA set of inner and outer cap,
A one-way inlet valve
(0.22μm), can be connected to three liquid inlet pipe
00839-80031 Mobile phase safety inlet capA set of inner and outer cap,
A one-way inlet valve
(0.22μm), can be connected to four liquid inlet pipe
00839-80003One-way valveStandard one-way inlet valve (0.22) μ m)

It is made of PTFE with strong corrosion resistance. This liquid inlet cover can be fitted with gl45 or gl32 bottle mouth, and can even be customized with your other caps, so as to make products with the same function and escort the safety of your laboratory.

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