In the process of doing experiments, it is inevitable to use some instruments to accelerate experiments and accomplish tasks that can not be accomplished by hand. So some useful experimental instruments can be recommended as follows.

Visual Termovap Sample Concentrator

The termovap sample concentrator is mainly used for the concentration or preparation of samples (such as drug screening, hormone analysis, sample preparation in LC and MS analysis). It can achieve the rapid evaporation and separation of solvents in the sample by blowing nitrogen into the surface of the sample so as to ensure anaerobic concentration and the purity of the sample.


 ○ The bottom has a heating module, which can promote the rapid evaporation and concentration of the solution, temperature setting range of 5~150℃

 ○ Air needle position can be adjusted to fit different test tubes

 ○ Air chamber height can be adjusted, page position can be observed during concentration of samples

 ○ Each purging needle can be independently controlled

 ○ Built-in over-temperature protection device and detection alarm function, simple product interface and operation

 ○ Have a variety of replaceable modules, suitable for different specifications of the test tube

Handheld Homogenizer

The homogenizer can be used as a rapid homogenizer, disperser and emulsifier. This exquisite hand tool is suitable for 0.5 to 250 mL liquid samples by changing different dispersing headswith a maximum speed of 35000rpm.


○ Design light, one-handed operation

○ Speed adjustable and with digital display panel, exquisite and controllable

○ High quality stainless steel dispersion head, corrosion resistance and high temperature disinfection

○ With a variety of specifications dispersion head, suitable for different quantities of samples and easy to remove easy to clean

○ High speed and high efficiency motor, long lifetime

○ Configuration adjustable support, easy to put

Multi-tube Vortex Mixer

The multi-tube vortex mixer adopts DC brushless motor technology and microcomputer control technology to realize functional diversification.


 ○ Can process up to 50 samples at one time

 ○ Friendly touch interface, digital display panel

 ○ With timing function up to 9999 minutes, and can display countdown

 ○ Accurate speed DC brushless motor, long lifetime

 ○ Also has the function of replaceable module, replace different foam test tube racks to meet the mixing of different sizes of test tubes

Visual Termovap Sample ConcentratorA502200
Handheld homogenizerA900300
Multi-tube Vortex MixerB100250

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