Disinfectant, as common protective products at home, is difficult to find a good product in the existing market. To solve the problem of the limited disinfecting scope and the short effective time, Dr. Wang, who has been working with Welch for more than 20 years in biomedical industry, has jointly developed the silver ion disinfectant of No .1™ based on its “long-term anti-infection patent technology “.

Disinfectant of No .1™Disinfectant of No .2™
SpecificationDisinfectant of No .1™300mL/bottle(Family)
ApplicationSuitable for hand and surface disinfection, with moisturizing effectSuitable for disinfection of object surface
Microbial species that can be inhibitedIt can kill purulent cocci, intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pathogenic fungi and common nosocomial infection bacteria.in hospital.

Principle of Silver Ion Disinfectant of No .1™

After spraying silver ion disinfecting solution with the surface and hand of the object, the formed disinfection coating will makes the virus film break down and the surface protein will lose its activity, thus achieving the effect of completely killing the bacterial virus. With the  silver ion long-term sustained-release anti-infection patent, the disinfection effect of sustained-release coating can be effective for a long time.

Certification of the effect of disinfectant of No .1™ in killing coronavirus

United States M Company ANAB Certificate

The effect of Disinfectant of No .1™ on coronavirus was detected by American M Company. The experimental data showed that 99.9% coronavirus could be killed.

Why choose disinfectant of No .1™?

 _AlcoholHydrogen peroxide Iodophor DisinfectantChlorhexidine (Chlorinated)Disinfectant of No .2™
Fast for disinfection
Safe  without stimulation

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