In the dissolution experiment, the filter element is an important and large consumption of consumables, due to the different specifications of the sampling needle in the dissolution consumables of each brand, the filter element they need is also different.

QLA is a professional manufacturer of dissolving consumables in the United States, which can produce many well-known brands of dissolving consumables replacement, and high quality, its production of the filter element is made of inert UHMW material, to ensure that there is no heavy metal compounds, inorganic elements and other pollutants.

QLA filter element can replace a wide range of brands, including Agilent, Caleva, Erweka, Hanson, Pharmatest, Sotax, Distek, Electrolab, Logan, SUN SRI, Lab India, etc. Can be said to cover many well-known international brand products, and a variety of filter specifications, such as 1μm, 4μm, 10μm, 20μm, 35μm, 45μm, 70μm.

Although the diameters of sampling needles of major brands are different, they change within a certain range after all. Therefore, if you have a filter element with all inner diameter specifications for one-to-one adaptation, you can always find the one suitable for you.
Welch has selected the filter element samples of various brands of dissolution instrument to form the trial kit of dissolution filter element. The specific composition is as follows:

You can try to install one by one with your sampling probe. We have used instruments such as Agilent and Hanson are not at ease, they can also apply for the trial installation of our filter element. We can send a sample to you for trial and provide your original filter element article number. If not, provide product brand, sampling needle outer diameter and other information, and find alternatives for you.

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