hello hello! I heard that many friends are very interested in HILIC chromatographic columns, so today I would like to introduce you to a member of the Welch HILIC family: Ultisil® HILIC Amide. I will introduce him from his background (introduction to chromatographic columns), personality characteristics (product characteristics), and growth experience (application cases), hoping to be helpful to everyone, so let’s get to the point!

Column Introduction

Ultisil® HILIC Amide chromatography packing is based on ultrapure silica gel and is one of the most commonly used HILIC chromatography packings. It has good retention and selectivity for carbohydrates, peptides, and low molecular weight polar drugs. The chromatographic packing process uses a controlled chemical bonding technique to ensure good reproducibility between packing materials.

Column Features

  • Silica gel packing with carbamoyl functional groups is used as the stationary phase, which is especially suitable for the separation of hydrophilic compounds.
  • It has excellent chemical stability and good retention of polar compounds with small and medium molecules.
  • More stable in aqueous organic mobile phases.
  • Ideal for LC/MS analysis of water-soluble polar compounds.


Vitamin C related substances (EP Pharmacopoeia method)

Chromatographic column: Welch Ultisil® HILIC Amide (4.6×250mm, 5μm)
Mobile phase: Phosphate buffer (weigh 6.8g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, dissolve it in 1000mL of water, and filter it with suction): ACN=25:75
Detection wavelength: 210nm
Column temperature: 45℃
Flow rate: 1.0mL/min
Injection volume: 20 μL

Sample Preparation:

Control b solution configuration: accurately weigh impurity C, impurity D and vitamin C reference substance, dissolve and dilute with mobile phase into a solution containing impurity C 50 μg/mL, impurity D 50 μg/mL and vitamin C control 50 μg/mL;

Control c solution configuration: Precisely weigh impurity C and vitamin C samples, dissolve with mobile phase, and dilute to a solution containing impurity C 1 mg/mL and vitamin C sample 100 μg/mL.

Control b solution

Peak nameKeep timePeak width 50%Asymmetry/EPNumber of platesDegree of separation
Impurity D control5.170.111.351182816.17
Vitamin C Control8.760.150.94187928.96
Impurity C Control14.820.640.892910n.a.

Control c solution

Peak name Keep time Peak width 50% Asymmetry/EP Number of plates Degree of separation
Vitamin C Control 8.710.140.89192028.85
Impurity C Control 14.920.680.852671n.a.

Related product information

Item numberSpecification Description
00240-21012Ultisil®  HILIC Amide,3μm,2.1×100mm
00240-21023Ultisil®  HILIC Amide,3μm, 3.0×150mm
00240-21041Ultisil®  HILIC Amide,3μm,4.6×150mm
00240-31041Ultisil®  HILIC Amide,5μm,4.6×150mm
00240-31043Ultisil®  HILIC Amide, 5μm,4.6×250mm
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