In the lab, it’s necessary to assist the scientist by using some equipment, they always help to do some hard jobs. Today I will take some favorable lab equipment.

Visible Nitrogen Blower

The Nitrogen Blower is mainly used for sample condensation or preparation (like medicine select, hormone analysis, liquid phase and spectrometry analysis sample preparation). By blowing the nitrogen to the sample surface, make the sample solvent evaporation and separation and reach to the condensation without oxygen to make the sample purer.


  • Healing module in the bottom, prompting the solution evaporating and condensing fast, temperature setting range 5~150℃.
  • Adjustable gas needle to fit different test tubes.
  • Adjustable the height of gas cavity, the liquid level is visible during the condensation.
  • Each blow needle can be controlled.
  • Inset the over temperature protection and detect alarm functions, operating the interface is very easy.
  • With various changeable modules, can fit different specs. Test tubes.

Handle Homogenizer

The homogenizer is used for the tissue homogenization, dispersion and emulsifier. Welch Handle Homogenizer is an artful device, we can change different dispersion heads and fit 0.5~250mL liquid sample with high speed 35000rpm.


  • Good design and easy to operate with one hand.
  • Adjustable rotating speed and with digital display.
  • High quality stainless dispersion heads with preservative and high temp. disinfection.
  • Multiple specs dispersion heads, with different samples.
  • Long life motor.
  • Equipped adjustable support.

Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer

With DC brushless motor technology and micro computer technology, Welch multi-tube vortex mixer makes diversified functions.


  • Dealing max 50 samples
  • Nice touch interface, easy to operate and digital touch display.
  • Timing till to 9999 minutes and timing countdown.
  • Accurate speed of DC brushless motor, with long life.
  • Changeable modules.

Equipment model

Product NameModel
Visible Nitrogen Blower A502200
Handle Homogenizer A900300
Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer B100250

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