Protect your analytical columns – and protect your separations – with guard columns and inline filters. Guard columns and inline filters are designed to be inexpensive to replace.

Guard Columns

Guard Columns should be deployed in a manner consistent with the column geometry (column diameter), particle geometry (particle diameter), and chemistry (column stationary phase) of the analytical column. 

Frits on the Guard Column cartridge block particles, but more importantly, the stationary phase in the Guard Column will remove strongly adsorbed sample components that might otherwise corrupt the analytical column over time.

Guard Columns are supplied as cartridges, and are installed in a cartridge holder between the injector and the analytical column (using finger-tight PEEK fittings kits). Guard columns are available for all Welch stationary phases, and in a variety of geometries to easily match the analytical column in use – including Guard Columns for HPLC or UHPLC/Core-Shell.

Pre-column Inline Filters

Similar to Guard Columns, Pre-Column Inline Filters are supplied as easily installable and replaceable cartridges. 

Unlike Guard Columns, a Pre-Column Inline Filter is designed to function only as a particulate filter. Filters may be used universally – regardless of column type (or brand). Choose either 2 micron or 0.5 micron exclusion.