Introduction of Column Based on Polymer

Polymer matrix columns (Sugar-H, Sugar-Ca) may be contaminated, resulting in decreased column efficiency. Thus, flushing and regeneration are required. However, when flushing these columns with strong organic solvent, the column packing materials which exposed to some organic solvents will swell and column bed will be damaged. The swelling degree of the packing materials depends on the cross-linking degree of the polymer. Generally, the polymer whose cross-linking degree is higher than 8-10% has better physical stability. The shrinkage in the aqueous solution and the expansion in the organic solvent are both small, but limitation of using condition still need to be paid attention.

Daily Flushing of Column Based on Polymer

NamepH rangeCross-linking degreeCounter ionUSPMax.pressureMax.temp℃Flow rate (ml/min)
Xtimate® Sugar-H1.0-3.08%H+L1714M Pa95<2(70℃)
Xtimate® Sugar-Ca5.0-9.08%Ca2+L1914M Pa95<2(70℃)

Flow RateKeep the flow rate same as that of preparing samples
Mobile PhaseWater
TimeColumn length≤100mm 30min for each
Column length>100mm 50min for each
StorageKeep in water or 5% ethanol, in 4℃ refrigerator

Regeneration Flushing of Column Based on Polymer

Flow RateKeep the flow rate same as that of preparing samples 
Mobile PhaseXtimate® Sugar-Ca:0.5g/L EDTA Ca solutionXtimate® Sugar-H: pH=2.5 sulfuric acid solution
TimeColumn length≤100mm 8 hours
Column length>100mm 12 hours

Precaution of Column Based on Polymer

1. There is no need to worry that 85 ° c is so high that it will damage the column. Activation and use of polymer matrix column at 85 °c is better than at 50-60 °c.

2. Before the column temperature reaches the set value, please set the flow rate at 0.2~0.3ml/min to avoid too high column pressure.

3. When the column temperature reaches the set value, the flow rate increases to the analytical flow rate, and the change of flow rate keeps an increment of 0.1ml/min. After the column pressure is stabilized, continue to increase the flow rate so as to avoid that sharp increase of the flow rate leads to excessive pressure pulses and damage of the column. Similarly, the flow rate should be reduced of 0.1ml/min each time.

4. The maximum flow rate shall not exceed 14MPa.

5. After use, the pump can only be stopped after the column temperature is lowered to room temperature. Take off column and place it in the refrigerator at 4℃ for storage. After taking it out of the refrigerator, it should be restored to room temperature before putting in column oven.

6. The maximum content of organic phase in mobile phase is 5% (V/V). A small amount of acetonitrile, ethanol, methanol and isopropanol in the sample will not affect the properties of the column.

7. Sufficient degassing of mobile phase ensures a good baseline.

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