Flash column chromatography is a quick and (usually) easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds. It is widely applied in organic compounds, natural products, biomacromolecule and any other active substance. It’s easy to operate, price is low and separation can be very fast. The back pressure is always low with 40-60μm silica absorption as packing material.


  • Homogeneous particle and pore size, special bonding technique from welch.
  • Perfect result reproducibility, best performance.
  • Guarantee no leakage.
  • All kinds of packing materials and specification.
  • Luer-lokTM import and LucrTM export, good compatibility with almost HPLC system, such as Isco®, Biotage®, Armen® and others.
  • Polypropylene tube and joint to tolerate the column pressure of fast chromatography.
  • Provide abundant applications.
  • Cost effective, high quality and highly effective.