About Webinar 

Last friday, Webinar about HPLC method development and validation was held online.

Webinar Content 

a. Tradition strategy for HPLC method development and a survey of automated tools and software

b. 3-pronged template approach for rapid method development

c. Use of a universal generic gradient method for the assay of multiple NCEs and stability-indicating assays with simple adjustments

d. A brief overview of method validation with case studies

Available Slides of this Webinar

We provide slides about this webinar for all the registrants. They are only available in one month for all the registrants, if you are interested in them, please download in time.

Video Playback

Missed our webinar? Click the links below to understand HPLC method development and validation:

If you have any problem or require further information, please contact info@welchmat.com.

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