Pyrogen generally refers to substances that can cause fever reaction in mammals. There are many kinds, and the most important one is endotoxin. Endotoxin is a kind of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which is a unique structure on the outer wall of the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. It is released after the bacteria die or decompose. The removal of endotoxin from biological products has always been a very important work. Affinity chromatography has high selectivity and is the most ideal method to remove endotoxin.

Purification principle

Endotoxin REM tanrose 4FF, an affinity medium for removing endotoxin by Yuexu, takes the self-made agarose gel as the matrix and polymyxin B as the ligand. The product has good chemical and physical stability and good biocompatibility. The ligand is stable and can be reused. However, polymyxin B only inhibits part of the internal toxin, so it can be used to remove part of the endotoxin in the solution.

In addition to the conventional column chromatography method, the static adsorption method can also be used to remove endotoxin. The static adsorption method can directly add the affinity medium to the sample without column, which is convenient to use, high removal efficiency and easy to enlarge.

Product performance

Product Name: endotoxin REM tanrose 4FF;
Matrix: 4% highly crosslinked agarose microspheres;
Functional group: polymyxin B;
Particle size: 45-165 μ m;
Loading capacity: 5000-10000eu / ml;
PH stability range: 3-10 (short term), 3-11 (long term);
Storage temperature: 4-8 ℃;
Preservation solution: 20% ethanol.

Precautions for use of affinity chromatography packing

① The endotoxin free affinity filler needs to be treated with buffer 1 before each use.

(Composition of buffer solution: 1% sodium deoxycholate, 20 mM phosphate buffer, pH 7.0.

Preparation: weigh Na2HPO4 12H2O 2.43g,NaH2PO4. 2H2O 0.25g, NaCl 4.5g, sodium deoxycholate 5.0g, add water for injection to dissolve and fix the volume to 500ml).

② To prevent the introduction of endotoxin during the preparation of buffer, it is best to use injection grade water.

③ Appropriately prolonging the treatment time of filler and sample can increase the adsorption capacity of endotoxin.

④ If magnetic stirring is used, pay attention not to rotate too fast to prevent crushing the filler.

⑤ If the sample itself is negatively charged, less than 0.2mnacl can be added to the sample, which can increase the sample recovery.

⑥ The pH range of the sample is 7-9.

⑦ Under the condition of not exceeding the filler treatment capacity, if the removal is incomplete at one time, it can be repeated until it is qualified.

⑧ The storage condition of affinity filler endotoxin REM tanrose 4FF is 20% ethanol, 4-8 ℃.

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