Are you still using ordinary barrels to connect the waste liquid discharged from the instrument in your laboratory? It is inevitable to produce waste liquid in the experiment, and the discharged waste liquid will also volatilize into the air during the accumulation process. If you stay in this air environment for a long time, it will inevitably cause harm to your body. In order to solve this problem, today, Yuexu Xiaobian recommends two waste liquid collection devices.

Connected waste liquid collection device

The waste liquid is discharged from the instrument and enters the waste liquid barrel through the interface with customized diameter to ensure the stability and sealing of the waste liquid pipe. The upper end of the waste liquid barrel is equipped with a filter and a liquid level indicator / audible and visual alarm, which can ensure that the gas in the barrel will not pollute the experimental environment. The indicator / alarm can help prompt you to deal with the waste liquid in time, and a secondary container is equipped at the bottom of the whole device, In case of waste liquid overflow caused by not clearing the waste liquid in time. The following is the serial number of the connected waste liquid collection device of Yuexu technology.

Dumping waste liquid collection device

The dumping collection device can be said to be more streamlined. At the top is a funnel-shaped dumping interface with splash proof net to receive waste liquid, and below is the waste liquid tank, supporting gas filter and liquid level indicator. Similarly, the liquid level indicator of this product is also divided into ordinary liquid level height indication and audible and visual alarm indication for your choice. Finally, we can also customize carts for secondary containers to facilitate the transfer of collection devices.

Compared with the connected collection device, the dumping device has the characteristics of more flexible use. It can collect the waste liquid from all parts of the laboratory according to your needs and then conduct centralized treatment. Please see the table below for the specific Yuexu product number. In addition, we have more product types for you to choose from.

Laboratory safety is an issue that must be paid attention to. A good laboratory environment can ensure its long-term stable operation. The waste liquid collection materials of Yuexu technology are of good quality, and each part is composed of HDPE, PTFE, PP, PFA and FEP; The product has strong tightness and good filter effect, which have been tested by relevant departments. The product takes the tightness and safety as the indicators to prevent leakage and pollution in the process of waste liquid collection. The waste liquid collection device of Yuexu technology can protect you invisibly and protect your health.

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