Headspace bottles are common consumables commonly used in gas phase experiments. Although its size and use are different from those of ordinary injection bottles, its essence is similar to that of injection bottles. The headspace bottle is also subdivided into three parts: the cap and pad. Of course, now commonly used caps and pads will also be combined for use, which will be much more convenient.

Subdivide from the bottle body:

  • Headspace vials have different capacity specifications, such as 6mL, 10mL, 20mL, etc.
  • Like most reagent bottles, the color of headspace bottles is also divided into transparent and brown, for the storage of some samples away from light.
  • Different from the classification method of injection vials, the bottom of the headspace vial is divided into round bottom and flat bottom. The round bottom headspace vial is easy to put into the heating module for heating, while the flat bottom headspace vial is easy to place.

Subdivide from the bottle mouth:

  • Headspace vials are divided into two categories – threaded headspace vials and crimped headspace vials.
  • As the name implies, the main difference between them is the different fitting methods. Generally, the sealing performance of the screw is slightly better than that of the jaw, and the screw is more convenient for manual operation, while the jaw is suitable for automatic mechanical operation.

Next, let’s introduce the affordable and excellent Doprah headspace bottle of Next Moon Technology.

Welch Materials has products with special properties and easy to use:

  • The magnetic cap can help the instrument to grasp the bottle more conveniently, while the bimetallic magnetic cap is composed of the upper layer of iron metal and the lower layer of aluminum metal, which not only meets the characteristics of convenient magnetic grasping, but also can use aluminum material to protect the bottle mouth and prevent pressure. Excessive force when capping causes the product to break.
  • Butyl gaskets have higher cleanliness than silicone, and one ring is a circular protrusion on the gasket to assist in instrument positioning.

Welch – Doprah series, with extremely affordable prices, while ensuring product quality, is an exquisite choice for your experimental consumables.

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