Since quaternary ammonium salts contain quaternary ammonium groups and even some double bonds, they can be copolymerized with many unsaturated monomers, and are positively charged in aqueous solutions to form cationic or zwitterionic water-soluble polymers, which are easily adsorbed on solids. It is used as flocculant, antistatic agent, conductive paper coating and oilfield chemical agent on a liquid or solid-gas interface.

In addition, in modern society, the application of surfactants is becoming more and more extensive. Quaternary salt surfactants have important uses, and can also be used as softeners, antistatic agents, pigment dispersants, mineral flotation agents and asphalt emulsifiers, metal corrosion inhibitors and phase transfer catalysts. Printing and dyeing, plastic processing, medical and health, daily chemical, petrochemical, metal processing and other industries have been widely used.

The reaction that enables the synthesis of quaternary ammonium salts is the quaternary amination reaction. In the past few years, most of the quaternary ammonium salts were obtained through simple synthetic reactions, such as:

○ Under the condition of ethyl acetate as solvent, it is mixed with triethylamine, heated, refluxed and stirred to carry out quaternary amination reaction to obtain triethyl-p-(o-)nitrobenzylammonium chloride.

○ Using N-ethylaniline as raw material, through hydroxyethylation, chloroethylation and quaternization to synthesize N-phenyl-N-ethylaminoethyltrimethylammonium chloride.

○ Synthesis of γ-silicone with benzyldimethylsiloxane by quaternization of γ-chloropropylmethylsiloxane-dimethylsiloxane copolymer and N,N-dimethylbenzylamine Polysiloxanes with pendant ammonium chloride groups.

○ A new class of substituted benzyl estramidazolium salts was synthesized by bromoethylation, imidazole ethylation, quaternization and hydrolysis of estradiol.

○ The holey imidazolium cyclophane 3 ( C30H33N63+·Br-3·3H2O) and so on.

P-SAX quaternary ammonium salt polymer is the main packing material in Welchrom® P-SAX solid phase extraction cartridge. The synthesis method of the polymer is the reaction method of quaternary amination.

P-SAX is a mixed anion exchange reversed-phase sorbent with high selectivity and sensitivity to acidic compounds.

Welchrom® P-SAX SPE Cartridges are designed to overcome the limitations of traditional polymer-based mixed SPE sorbents. It is a mixed-type strong anion-exchange, water-wettable compound adsorbent that is stable in the pH range of 0 to 14. Reliable solid phase extraction can now be used to detect, confirm or quantify acidic compounds and their metabolites in a variety of sample matrices.

Using the selectivity and stability of Welchrom® P-SAX SPE Cartridges, analytes can be separated into two fractions: acidic compounds and basic/neutral compounds from complex samples through a solid phase extraction step. Split extracts can be analyzed by multiple analytical methods or multiple analytical techniques (LC/MS and GC/MS).

Welchrom® P-SAX solid phase extraction cartridges are widely used for the purification of acidic and neutral compounds in different matrices such as serum, urine, plastics or food, such as the detection of cyanuric acid in milk powder and dairy products.

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