Vitamin B6, which includes pyridoxol, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine, is water-soluble in the form of phosphate in human body. As a component of some coenzymes in human body, it participates in many metabolic reactions, especially in amino acid metabolism. Clinical applicable vitamin B6 can prevent pregnancy vomiting and radiation vomiting. Yeast, liver, grain, meat, fish, eggs, beans and peanuts are particularly rich in vitamin B6.

Chromatographic Condition

ColumnUltisil® AQ-C18(4.6×150mm,5μm)
Mobile PhaseTime(min)Mobile phase A(%)Methanol(%)
WavelengthExcitation:293nmEmission: 395nm
Column Temp.30℃
Flow Rate1.0ml/min
Injection Volume10μL

Chromatogram and Data

SubstanceRetention timeAreaHeightPlatesTailing factorResolution
Total _21602122314882108 _ _ _


Using AQ-C18(4.6×150 mm,5μm) under this chromatographic condition can meet the test requirements.

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